Welcome to the Nest

Hello my adoring fans. *waves royally* My pen name is TekeoMiona, but you can call me either TM or Am. Or, if you are familiar with my part in the LGF 'Verse, Vlad. No need for all those formal formalities.

Anywho, this here is my website for me and my writing. Links to any fanfictions I write and links to buy my published works (when they get published). I might post some little snippets. Also, a little "blog" for personal updates, rants, and ideas to pass by you.

If you would be so kind as to leave any feedback you can on my stories, real critiques or least/favourite parts, that would be great. And by that, I mean don't just tell me that you love it and that I need to continue. That tells me absolutely nothing to improve on, and YES, I know I have room to improve. That is the one and only thing I ask for from my readers: help me get better. It's why I got into posting my stories online. I can only go so far on my own.

Thank you.

PostScript: I know in the blog section, it says "posted by TekeoMiona Cittykat". Ignore the Cittykat part. The email this site is connected to is the joint account of me and Rumpy, so that's why it's got both our names on it. I don't have a gmail account anymore, so I had to move it to one I still used. Sorry if it confuses you at all.

(if you wish to contact me, visit my contacts page to see how)

I keep forgetting to tell you people: I HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT! Just follow the link below.

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