Web - Plus, The virtual view

( View books, videos, TV programs, virtual try-ons, and virtual worlds!)

A fuller experience than ever before, the Internet is no longer limited to just searching for text based information. There is so much more available through the Web, much of it free to view and enjoy.

Books, music, and videos

Download and view! If you have a Burlington County Library card, you can download free books, music, and movies onto your computer, right from the library's web site. Go to www.bcls.lib.nj.us/download.shtml to find out what's available and if you need to download any special software (the software is free).


Try Project Gutenburg for free books that you can get online. You can find more sites at EduChoices: http://educhoices.org/articles/Online_Libraries_-_25_Places_to_Read_Free_Books_Online.html. Finding downloadable books for purchase is easy at Google's "Books" page, http://books.google.com/bkshp?hl=en&tab=wp. Just make sure you have the compatible device for whichever books you choose. Amazon. (www.amazon.com) uses the Kindle viewer, for example.

Stream it! Would you like to listen to radio, or watch a TV broadcast online? If you have Broadband or Cable service, rather than Dial-up, your computer connection should be fast enough to handle streaming broadcasts.

 To help you locate available radio broadcasts, here is the Streaming Radio Guide. Videos can be found in a Google Video Search, which will search for Google videos as well as YouTube videos that have been posted by people. A new web site (registration is free) named Hulu has movies. TV broadcasts are also available; the TV Squad web site can direct you to TV sites. Some of the TV sites: ABC, CBS, NBC, Cartoon Network.

Free movies can be downloaded. Here is an article that tells you where to get movies from the Internet at “About.com”.

Plugins - Your computer probably has software installed already that will allow you to view videos and other media. You may get a message, however, that you need to download or update your software. (Be discriminate in what you download, and who you get the program from. Learn what's reputable, and what may not be safe.) Anyhow, there is an article at About.com, How Plug-Ins Work, and Where To Get Them.

Podcasts! What exactly is podcasting? A podcast is a broadcast made especially for displaying or listening to on the Internet. If you can check out Twit TV (2 - 7 pm Eastern, every day but Monday and Friday) you may have a chance to see Leo Laporte hosting his talk show about computers and new tech. You just may catch Leo taking a phone call from a viewer via Skype, an online phone service. (Leo Laporte, in the past has been on radio programs, and TV programs. He was known for giving technical advice and hosting on the programs "Screensavers", and "Call For Help".)

More about podcasts: "How do I listen and subscribe to podcasts?"

Virtual Try-Ons

By helping you to do your planning, businesses hope to encourage their customers. The Internet offers interesting possibilities. There are sites that even allow you to upload your own picture, for a virtual try-on of their company's products. However, you will encounter limits on what these sites can show you.

Virtual Makeovers - E-how's How to pick a hairstyle for your face shape requires a small paid subscription. Beauty Riot's Virtual Makeover is free, but you must register. Extended Reality, and UK Hairdressers are both free.

Virtual Clothing - A virtual model  for trying on apparel. 

Virtual Decorating - Find Paint Manufacturer's sites. Other sites: Design My Room, Swatchbox, ivillage, and Achitect's Studio.

(Additional sites to use for room planning: Convert feet to meters and Room planner.) 


Virtual Worlds!

Google Earth - Google Earth is where you can get a virtual view of the world. Here are some videos about Google Earth: The earth, the sky, etc., Getting Connected in Google Earth, Navigating in Google Earth.

Second Life - (www.secondlife.com)The social, sharing, and business aspects of the Internet have achieved a new dimension. A whole new virtual world has been created where people can socialize, create, make business contacts, and try out experimental ideas. If you want to create a second life for yourself, you can explore Second Life for free. See a video about the business activities.

Other Virtual Environments - Here's an article about virtual worlds.

Find some interesting sites in a timeline of virtual worlds with links or see a virtual worlds list by category.


The Second Life world

Here are videos about “Second Life”

Intro to Second Life

Second life Trailer (by JavierPuff)

Zak Claxton in Second Life (2010) (a musician in Second Life)

The Sims Game

Currently, there is no online version of The Sims, a game that simulates life. Unlike Second Life, there is no social contact with other others within the game. However, to some degree the Sims game is similar to Second Life in that it allows you to create a virtual environment with houses, neighborhoods, and Sim people. You decide how your Sims look, dress them the way you like, or build your dream house. The more talented Sims players from all over the world create wonderful original fashions, furniture, add on programs and other objects that they share through the Internet. Here are some video samples to choose from if you want to get a glimpse of what a virtual world looks like:

Trailer - How the generations grow in Sims2 

Hilary Duff and Lola     Hilary Duff ad her Dog in The Sims

Trailer - The Sims can now go on vacation!

Pocketful of Sunshine - The Sims are used to make video stories and music videos. - 'International pop artist Natasha Bedingfield has joined forces with The Sims™ 2 FreeTime to record her hit single "Pocketful of Sunshine" in Simlish. This music video was filmed using The Sims™ 2...'