Tej Kohli Foundation

Tej Kohli, an Indian-born entrepreneur, surmounted many obstacles on his way to become a successful man. Through all the hardships he faced, 52 year old Tej Kohli became more determined to pursue his dreams and never look back. Driven by a desire to make world a better place place, Tej Kohli established the Tej Kohli Foundation in 2005 for assisting the underprivileged children in Costa Rica and has most recently initiated a Corneal Transplant program in his native land - India.

Tej Kohli never wanted to be known as a philanthropist for he believes that charity is something that needn't be made public, but had a change of mind when he realized the benefits of letting his charity work known. And that's how he became an example of selflessness that inspired others to follow.

Today, Tej Kohli Foundation has grown to include hundreds of children, activists and volunteers with assistance centers located in India and Costa Rica. The foundation provides educational and financial aid to impoverished kids in Costa Rica. Through its various outreach programs the Foundation is now assisting over 1000 children. However, the span of Tej Kohli's philanthropic work is not only restricted to children, but everyone – be it young or old, men or women, he welcomes everyone through its doors.

One of the primary objectives of the Foundation is to brace these children for the global marketplace through 1) providing educational support and 2) proving improved quality of life through better living conditions and financial aid. Another important objective of the Tej Kohli foundation is to nurture the long-standing tradition of philanthropy and public spirit.
This year the foundation has initiated another charity project in India – The Tej Kohli Corneal Transplant Program. This project strives to help over 2 million corneally blind people in India through corneal transplants. Also, recognizing that surgery alone is not a cure to this pervasive problem, the Foundation has announced to launch its first clinic this year to spread awareness and encourage people for eye donation.
Having suffered a difficult life himself, Tej Kohli encourages everyone to help those less fortunate than us to gain access to opportunities and amenities, which would otherwise been an unattainable dream. He believes that success should not be achieved or celebrated in isolation.