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We are Very Excited to announce that the Annual PDSS Cyber Show will soon be reinstated! Jan Rogers, Joni Puckett & myself will be looking in to what all needs to be done to get it started in the near future. Entry into the show will be free for ALL PDSS registered animals.

We plan on having it before the end of 2017! That means get started ASAP on getting nice clean full pics of your sheep you will be entering and getting them registered with Anita, because Registered Animals ONLY will be allowed to be part of the 2017 Show.

Updates coming soon!

We need your help in making this great event "GREAT" again. If not enough interest, it wont happen. If not enough folks enter their sheep, then the show wont be worth having, so lets get this show built back up like it use to be!! Its great fun for all the members and really helps promote the breed!

For those who do not know how the Cyber Show works:
The show its self is all online. You take pics of the sheep to be entered and we would post it online, with up to 30 classes in the past. Then, a certified show judge goes online and judges the sheep. You can go online and see entries, but you will NOT be able to see what farm they are from.

No need to travel and upset the sheep, no expenses in food, gas and lodging. All done on computer with sheep numbered so no one knows who owns them. Winners announced by judge and certificates will be awarded to all winners and posted online. Its big time fun!! ... and its free to all members.

I will place a poll here to try and see how many members will be interested in entering the show and about how many animals they might want to enter. Shows in the past have had up to 30 classes and some animals can be entered in multiple classes. More to come on that later.

And remember folks, the 2017 Cyber show isn't just for Paints! The show has classes for all hair sheep registered thru Anita Hollon-Garza registries. There will be classes for Texas Dall, Mouflon, Black Hawaiian, Desert Sand, Desert Dragon, Painted Desert, Corsican, Stumberg, Bighorn/cross and Urial/cross sheep in the AOHS Classes 21 thru Class 26 so come on over and join this page https://www.facebook.com/groups/286143408110866/ to show off and enter your sheep!

You can talk about how outstanding your sheep are, and we all love our sheep, but “to be the Best, you have to beat the Best” so come on and enter your favorites in the competition and who knows, you just might have the future 2017 Champion in your pasture!

All interested in the next Cyber Show, Please come & Join the page so we can see how many have interest and communicate to each other there on updates.

 Yantis Texas 75497
All are Registered or Registerable and Most have great bloodlines!
Animals will be registered day of purchase.
Like & Share while on our Facebook Page would be Greatly Appreciated!!