Meet Kiran!

Am i my brother's book-keeper?!

This is my sweet little brother! He's a Doctor by profession and is current doing his internship from M S Ramaiah Medical College, bangalore.


A typical Virgo, seems to be in the wrong profession- for you can never win an argument with him! He should have joined the family profession of being an Attorney at Law.

     Kiran is all about being hopelessly practical in every situation; and even when you may be right, he'll synthesize a reason why you may be wrong, and prove it!


His love for books has generated a library of sorts- from hard-cover books to e-books to audio-books and to his own narrations.


He loves his 'Playstation 2' and spends all day when he gets a day off work. He is very possessive about his Video-game collection and can even fight for it!


His hobbies include trekking in the hills around Kaivara (thats where he's currently posted for about a month and a half), proving his point, and reading. 

He completed his schooling at Ivy League Academy Ivy League Academy and then his Under Graduation from Little Flower Junior College, both in Hyderabad-India. He then went on to finish his Medicine from M S Ramaiah Medical College-Bangalore where he's currently completing his internship.