Seagate Warranty codes for creating warranty RMA

Self-Service SeaTools Test Codes

A SeaTools Test Code is important when returning a Seagate product under warranty. The SeaTools Test Code proves that the drive has failed diagnostic tests performed by SeaTools.

Seagate understands that there are several legitimate reasons why you might not have a SeaTools Test Code. Please review the following suggestions and if you still need a Self-Service test Code, copy the 8-digit code from the one of the choices below and paste it in to the SeaTools Test Code field on the RMA form.

If SeaTools shows a drive test FAIL and did not show a Fail Info icon and SeaTools Test Code, then you will need to download and install the current version of the software. Click here to go to the SeaTools home page.

Please be cautious using these Self-Service SeaTools Test Codes. Seagate reserves the right to return a good drive back to its owner and to charge for all associated shipping costs.

Dead drive
CA99C4ACSeaTools could not detect my drive
659DC7AEFailed other diagnostic tools, I'm confident it is a bad drive.
6C9AC2A4Serial number not detected, SeaTools did fail the drive
6FD1A1AERAID system blocked SeaTools from testing the drive
9B96C8A7Apple system cannot run SeaTools*
669CC6A4No test system available to run SeaTools.
9C9692A5I lost the SeaTools Test Code
C5CB9DAAPoor performance
979866A7Noisy - SeaTools passes all tests
9CC891A1Wrong Firmware - SeaTools passes all tests

* In most cases, Seagate drives in Apple systems are covered by Apple. If you have an Apple system with an Intel compatible processor, you might be able to run SeaTools for DOS from its bootable CD-ROM.


Taken at the time of creating RMA of my personal HDD.