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Tejananda is my Buddhist name; my family name is John Wakeman. I’ve been living at Vajraloka, a Buddhist meditation centre in North Wales for the last 25 years & have been centre chair since 2001 (I think!) Vajraloka is part of the Triratna Community, formerly FWBO, and I’m a member of what is now known as the Triratna Buddhist Order, ordained by Sangharakshita in 1980. I've also studied with Lama Shenpen Hookham and Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamptso Rinpoche.






 'All-Good' Samantabhadra, our true nature as  intrinsic primordial Awareness



My life centres around Dharma practice - meditation & Buddhism, indeed any approach that points to waking up to who and what I / we really are. I teach and lead workshops and meditation retreats as well as writing on meditation and Buddhism. 


 I've published one book: The Buddhist Path to Awakening (see Amazon co uk or Amazon com for some appreciative reviews and to order - though it's now out of print, copies can still be found!)



I’m also very keen on hiking, climbing, trekking, running & especially, these days, road and MTB cycling. I've also been practising yoga (intermittently!) for over 40 years.



Here I am on the Cho-la pass (around 5300 m) between the Gokyo and Khumbu valleys near Everest, in March 2008 



On Kala Patthar, 5545m, with Everest behind us, and just 5 miles to the summit (but this was as far as we went!)



Also ... I love all kinds of music, from classical to modern to many kinds of electronica and rock / metal.  Currently listening to A Winged Victory for the Fallen, Charli XCX, and many others. 

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