¿Qué es la islamofobia?

publicado a la‎(s)‎ 30 oct. 2013 3:34 por Fernando Bravo   [ actualizado el 17 sept. 2014 4:11 ]
Author: Fernando Bravo López.
Journal: Documentación Social, nº 159 (octubre-diciembre de 2010), pp. 189-207.

This paper is a contribution to the debate on the meaning of the concept, and the nature of the phenomenon, of Islamophobia. It begins by recovering the first approximations to Islamophobia made between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth. Then it presents what is the current state of the research concerning the meaning of Islamophobia. Afterwards the paper proposes the pertinence of comparing it with anti-Semitism in order to reach a better understanding of the phenomenon and its relation with other forms of rejection such as racism. Finally the paper will show how present-day Islamophobia has changed in recent decades to respond to a new context: that of the “Muslim emancipation”. This change appears to be similar to that experienced by anti-Jewish prejudice, when it faced the context of the Jewish emancipation during the nineteenth century.

Keywords: Islamophobia; Muslims in Europe; Islam in Europe.