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Swift Creek Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz in Harrisonburg, VA 

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     The Japanese Spitz breed belongs to the family of Nordic-type spitz dogs.  The breed was created in Japan where it is called Nihon Supittsu.   From Japan, the breed was exported to Europe and Australia.  The breed is considered a rare breed in the United States.

  Japanese Spitz are typically 12 to 16 inches tall.  The breed is characterized by a pure white double coat contrasted by dark eyes and black eyerims, nose pad, lips, nails and footpads.  In addition, the Japanese Spitz has a well-plumed tail that is carried in the center of its back, a fox-like muzzle,  pointed ears, and cat-like paws.

    This breed has many positive qualities.  Japanese Spitz are alert, intelligent, lively, and happy.  They are not aggressive or noisy.  They love to be around people and they quickly adapt to a family environment.  They do not require alot of exercise, however, they are happy to accompany their owners on walks or jogs.  They are just as happy to be outside in a yard. 

     The Japanese Spitz is one of the few breeds that does not have a "doggie odor" when wet or dry.  Surprisingly, the Japanese Spitz's pure white coat is easy to maintain.  The dog only needs approximately 2 baths per year and regular brushing.  Many Japanese Spitz love to play in the mud.  Never fear-- Dirt and mud fall off of the dog once the dog is dry, leaving a sparkling white coat!