Kaiser the king from Germany! 


Swift Creek Japanese Spitz


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       This is my male Japanese Spitz Kaiser. We got him in Southern Germany from a breeder named  Jytte.  Kaiser's pedigree name is Jungatosu, but we named him Kaiser von Bodenkirchen (aka the King of Bodenkirchen).

      He  is  a dog  who  greets  you  then  does  his  own  thing  like  sleeping  under  the  kitchen  table and resting his head on the cross bars of the chair making him look like the king he is.  


He  loves to wrestle with  Ally. Oh, also he's not as tough as he looks. If Kaiser has a bone he will let Ally take it right out of his paws. As you see Kaiser loves his picture taken, he's looking right at you. When Kaiser lays down he sticks out his back legs.

     Kaiser was born March 28, 2005 in Germany from We-Sedso Japanese spitz.  Jytte, the breeder, lives in Bodenkirchen Germany, which is about 1  hour east of Munich.  We got him on a trip to Germany to visit relatives living there. Jytte had her back door open the whole time we were there so the dogs could go in and out as long as they pleased.  In addition to Japanese Spitz, she also breeds Shiba Inus.

Here is a trick Kaiser learned.

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