Izzy has to have her toy!

Izzy is the newest addition to our family.  She came to live with us in May 2007 when she was 7 weeks old.  Her parents are Kia and Yuki.  Here are some pictures of Izzy:

  1 week old

7 weeks old

4 months old


2 years old 

          Even now Izzy is hyper.  She loves playing with her toy.  Izzy plays fetch all the time and always brings her toy back for a tug.  Izzy is a sweet girl.

    She is very smart.  When I am going to sleep (she sleeps in my room) and she stands in the middle of the hallway, I know she's telling me something. Izzy  leads me back to the laundry room and she shows me that she either needs food or water, because it's empty.

Izzy (right) and Kaiser (left) playing with stuffed animal while Ally looks on.