These Pages are devoted to the research and teaching activities of Dr. Iram Khan.

This is my home page for teaching and research activities. It provides information about the courses, I have taught in SZABIST and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad Campus as well as copies of different research articles.

The research papers are in draft form but have the potential to be developed for publication in a peer reviewed journal. They are, at this stage, intended for dissemination with a view to eliciting reactions, comments and to further debate.
Copies of the research work are available for free download and can be photocopied, duplicated and used for further research if appropriate reference to the author(s) is provided.

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Web Page for Comsats Students

You can also read my blog at http://iramakhan.blogspot.com/.

Consult page ILO Workshops on "Developing Research Proposals" and download documents used in the events.