The Krasnograd Agricultural Technical School named after F.Y.Tymoshenko 
is a state educational establishment of the first grade which is controlled by the Agriculture and Food Ministry of Ukraine.
The technical school prepares specialists on five specialties:
"Service and maintenance of machines and equipment in agriculture",
"Accounting","Commercial activity",
"Organization of production",
"Installation, service and maintenance of electrical settings in agriculture".

       Besides main professions the students receive additional working professions such as a tractor driver, a driver, an electrician, a secretary, an operator of a computer typing, a salesman of 'food and consumer goods, a fitter of the agricultural machines.There is day- time and correspondence form of training.The technical school has certificates for providing educational activity.Fifty-eight teachers, nine laboratory assistance and fourteen training officers perform the educational process at technical school. Twenty- eight teachers are specialists of a higher category; eight of them have a pedagogical title of a teaching methods specialist, one candidate of technical sciences. And one of them is a senior teacher.

There are four two-storeyed buildings, thirty-five laboratories and thirty-two classrooms in the technical school. The main building of the technical school includes a gymnasium, a library and a reading room. The students live in a five-storeyed building.

The scientific research farm includes one hundred and thirty-five hectares of " ground, eighty-four hectares of which are ploughed.   The garages are built for keeping automobiles KamAZ, GAZ, Cherry AMULE, tractors and grain harvesters are also kept there.

There are shopworks for repairing and service of the tractors and automobiles where students get skills of work with metal cutting machines, work as smiths, welders and fitters.

The technical school provides good conditions in the classrooms and laboratories for training specialists. There are four computer classrooms with the use of the Internet, the students' hostel, a library, a sports complex and a scientific-research farm.