MH Reference Spreadsheet

Current version [8.14.0] posted [2015-08-05]. Updated Fungal Cavern Attraction Rates. Post-Adventure Book MP/E and attraction rate updates (v1 - more hunts needed)


MH Reference, also known as Geoff Offermann's MouseHunt Reference Spreadsheet with Catch Rate Estimates, is an Excel 2007+ macro-enabled tool that competes with the well-known CRE.

MH Reference is updated rapidly and frequently upon introduction of new content into MouseHunt, usually days and sometimes even weeks or months before the content is integrated into  This alone makes it an indispensible asset for the avid MouseHunter.  The other big differentiating factor from the CRE? Simultaneous comparison of all your trap & base combinations -- while limits you to just 2.  Talk about a time-saver!

The spreadsheet is the result of more than just my own work -- Geoff's name is there for a reason, after all.  Other than Geoff, countless MHers have helped out with feature suggestion and even direct content development, notably Ryan J Smith, who first implemented this BestSetup sheet concept with array functions, before I came in with the VBA wrecking ball and stuffed all the creative tidbits into some good ol' programming.  If you have ideas or suggestions, please submit them to the forum thread (linked above).

Let's take a look at the good stuff, shall we?  Here is the fabled "BestSetup" sheet, in which you can filter out or outright delete any traps & bases you don't have to restrict the output to only setups that interest you:
MH Reference without any trap/base filters, for the Crystal Library location, with a Charged Scholar charm equipped

Note this is a location-based tool -- pick a location, pick a cheese, and the rest is done for you in a quick snap of your fingers!  Only the mice in that area that are attracted to that cheese (or a charm-assisted population, like what is pictured) are returned and used for analysis.  Sorting of your setups defaults to an attraction-weighted average of the setup's predicted catch rate vs. the available mice, this includes the attraction bonus of your setup!  In other words, MH Reference will recommend the setup that will catch the most mice per hunt -- even if that means missing one mouse when a 100% catch rate could be had (check out the King's Gauntlet location to see this in action).  Naturally, you can sort by any quantity you wish, whether it be alphabetical name, Luck, Freshness, catch rate on the strongest mouse, etc.  MH Reference will preserve your chosen sort field when changing locations, cheeses, charms, shield options, etc.  There is also an option to sort by catches per cheese - using stale probabilities from HornTracker, combined with the effective attraction rate of the cheese and that specific trap/base/charm combination, setups will be ranked on which maximize (or minimize, if you're into pain :P ) the bang for your buck.  This is especially helpful for those rare and valuable cheeses, like Lunaria Camembert or Checkmate Cheese.  Certain areas also have unique properties that are more important than catches per hunt or cheese - take the Iceberg.  MH Reference happily combines the catch rate estimates, attraction rate, advancement per catch, pushback per FTC, and special effects from Sticky or Wax charms to provide an expected Ft. per Hunt parameter.

Want to learn more, or see it in action?  Download it from Google Documents here!