Toxic Spill & Severity

A Toxic Spill has contaminated the Gnawnian landscape?  MouseHunters everywhere are being called to clean up the pollution?  Sounds like a great recipe for getting points :)

Here we take a closer look at the data collected from HornTracker for MouseHunt's "Toxic Spill" location.  You can expect to find out several things on this page, such as:
  • Is there a Toxic Spill active?  
  • What rank do I have to be to help clean the spill?  
  • How long has the spill been going on?  
  • How quickly is the Toxic Spill being cleaned up? 
  • What loots/mice are available?  
  • When is the best time to use Super Rotten or Rotten charms?
Loot per Catch and Loot per Hunt are plotted separately.  Loot per Hunt is based on upper and lower bounds for common setups.