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The Iceberg

posted May 24, 2012, 7:12 PM by mh tehhowch   [ updated Jul 24, 2013, 10:51 AM ]
On 24 May 2012, MouseHunters from the far reaches of Gnawnia successfully wrenched the Interlocking Hull Fragment from the clutches of the invading Iceberg mice on the Slushy Shoreline.  Following the successful retrofit of the SS Huntington II into the Icebreaker class SS Huntington III, hunters boarded and set sail to the newest location: the Rodentia region's Iceberg.

Simple answers for simple questions

What is it?
Iceberg is a Lord/Lady+ area that offers a similar challenge as Zugzwang's Tower and the (Baron-level) Fiery Warpath, namely to progress through several classes of mice in pursuit of a boss mouse.
What trap types work?
Hydro type traps are your only effective weapon.  Luckily, you can obtain an excellent weapon for low cost, the Steam Laser Mk I, in the Slushy Shoreline.
What baits work?
Your typical cheeses are all that are necessary, e.g. Brie, Gouda, SB+.  There are no special cheeses for the area.  Things like Radioactive Blue, Ancient, Crunchy, Havartis, etc. are a no-go and will not work.
How do I beat it?
To "beat" the Iceberg, you must travel to the bottom and catch the mouse in command. 
Do note, there are bonuses if you are quick about things:
Hunt # <= 250: Possibility to enter Hidden Depths
Hunt # <= 275: Awarded Treasure Chest, Strongbox, and Supply Chest (Icewing)
Hunt # <= 350: Awarded Strongbox and Supply Chest (Icewing)
Hunt # <= 425: Awarded Supply Chest (Icewing)
Hunt # > 425: Well, at least you beat it :p (Frostwing Commander)
Break it down for me, because my brain hurts!
Arm a standard cheese. Arm a Hydro trap. Sound the horn.  When you catch, you typically gain progress.  When you FTC, you typically lose progress.  You can always (eventually) make it to the 'bottom'.  Also, it's a slog.
Can I leave? And just what exactly is that "Retreat" button?
Yes, you may travel to & from the Iceberg freely without losing your depth progress.  The retreat button is a way to restart from the top of the Iceberg with Hunt # = 0, say if perhaps you were looking to loot a little more Cold Fusion, or the iceberg just destroyed the chest you really really want...
Why didn't the Wax charm boost the distance I traveled? I caught the mouse!
Why did I get knocked back!!?! I have Sticky Charms armed! It's BROKENNNNNN…
Wax and Sticky charms only work on the Bergling subclass.  You didn't catch or miss a Bergling subclass.  Look up the subclasses on the Mice page.  Yes, these charms are consumed on encounter of _any_ mouse - why?  They give a small amount of power to your setup.
What are these stages?
The stages mark the different levels of Icewing's Iceberg fortress, and their descriptions serve as convenient notifiers of what a Hunter can expect (and also hints as to the best setup to use...).  Between stages, you will face a mouse from the "General" sub-class.  Think of these mice as sub-bosses: they are tough!  There is no set order in which you will face the General mice.
What's this Ice Drill for?
The Ice Drill Mk I is used - sparingly - to advance your progress by 20ft, via the use of a Drill Charge.  A well timed Drill Charge could also be used to bypass a General mouse, should one be immediately in front of your trap, but good luck looting a mouse you never encountered…
Unfortunately, the Ice Drill Mk I wasn't built to spec, and will only function up to 5 times in any given assault on the Iceberg.  Thankfully, a trip back to the surface of the Iceberg is exactly what you need to fix it  Drill Charges are purchasable via the Slushy Shoreline store (and also the Marketplace for the impatient or Cold Fusion-less MouseHunter).
Can I make all the traps? My collection ...
Yep.  Dev. Dan Hulton confirmed this in the 6 June '12 FBF.
I want a Living Salt Mouse!  How do I get it?
Easy, take too long to reach the Icewing's Lair!  This mouse is available after hunt #425, in all sections except Icewing's Lair.  It will advance you 20 ft upon capture, making for a speedy end to your already not-so-fast run.  Alternately, you may encounter small numbers of them whilst hunting normally in the Iceberg.  Rumor has it that Icewing keeps large numbers of them in the hidden depths of her chambers...
I was kicked out of the Hidden Depths! Why?!
You have until you reach 250 hunts to progress from 1800 to 2000 ft and enter the Deep Lair. Fail to make it in time and you get to try, try again...

Stage Table

 StageDepths tehhowch's Description
Treacherous Tunnels0 - 300 ft Home to Tunnel Rat mice and Bergling mice, the Tunnels are the opening stage of the Iceberg.  Using the Magnet base may prove especially effective here due to the large advancement the Tunnel Rats give (+16 ft) and the respective preferential attraction, but don't forget you also need to catch them (though they don't knock you back should you miss...)
General #1300 ftEither Princess Fist, General Drheller, Lady Coldsnap, or Lord Splodington
Brutal Bulwark 301 - 600 ftHome to the Brute and Bergling mice, the Bulwark begins introducing difficulty.  The Brutes have always been the harder mice to catch, and they let you know by knocking you back, even if you catch them! The Spiked base is sure to be a popular choice to prevent some serious setbacks to your tunneling progress when you FTC...
General #2600 ftEither Princess Fist, General Drheller, Lady Coldsnap, or Lord Splodington
Bombing Run601 - 1600 ftHome to Bomb Squads, Tunnel Rats, and Berglings, the Bombing Run is a test of endurance. Using a Remote of sorts might help cover those 1000 ft faster, but maybe attracting some tool-carrying mice would help as well...
General #31600 ftEither Princess Fist, General Drheller, Lady Coldsnap, or Lord Splodington
The Mad Depths1601 - 1800 ft Home to the Zealot and ?? mice, where every FTC is felt especially hard, the Depths are the final tunneling challenge.  Down here in the cold depths I bet hunters would be extremely grateful for a nice, warm place to relax between horn sounds...
General #41800 ftEither Princess Fist, General Drheller, Lady Coldsnap, or Lord Splodington
Icewing's Lair1800 ft The evil Icewing.  Her closest minions.  Are you hunter enough?
While not around on your first trip through, news of your victory, her incompetent minions, and your awesome Mk II trap could persuade her to dispatch you personally, unless you're too slow...
Hidden Depths1801 - 2000 ftShould you possess & wield the magical technology of deep freezes at times of great instability, you may find yourself with the chance to explore even beyond what was thought possible.  I shudder to think at what may await fellow MouseHun--- Hey, what's that floating, bobbing ... is that a... a light?  At the end of the tunnel?

Advanced Knowledge

This section will continue to be updated as we MouseHunters further our understanding of the mechanics of the Icewing's Invasion.

Traps & Bases & Upgrades

The advent of Icewing's Invasion also brought the following:

 BasePower Pwr Bonus Atr Bonus Luck Ch EffectCold Fusion
Magnet Base 250 10% 0% Fresh 
Spiked Base30012% 0% V. Stale 6
Remote Detonator Base 30010%10% Stale 
Hearthstone Base2000%10%2V. Fresh10
 Deep Freeze Base35 0% 0% Ub. Fresh 6 

Other necessary ingredients are clearly labeled on the respective base blueprint.
Magnet: ~2x Tunnel Rat Population in Tunnels, Bombing Run, and Mad Depths
Spiked: 0/0 on catch/ftc of Brute mice
Remote Detonator: Bomb Squad catch = +20 ft
Hearthstone: Reduced Zealot population
Deep Freeze: Allows one to explore the Hidden Depths... if one has the time

Traps (all "functional" Steam Laser variants grant a bonus to stats in Slushy Shoreline and Iceberg)
Steam Laser Mk II (4 BCF + Mk1 parts + 1 Well Sealed container + 15 Frosty Metal + 15 Wire Spool + 15 Heating Oil)
Power: 4800 (Hydro) (Bonus = +1250)
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 18 (Bonus = +2)
Cheese Effect: Fresh

Steam Laser Mk II (Broken) (Mk II vs. Icewing)
Power, Bonus, Attraction, Luck are all 0.  But you can still use it for its Ubery Freshness! :)

Steam Laser Mk III (Mk II parts + Steam Nine)
Power: 4800 (Hydro) (Bonus = +1500)
Power Bonus: 12%
Attraction Bonus: 10%
Luck: 18 (Bonus = +2)
Cheese Effect: Fresh

Ice Drills
 LevelMax Charges Bonus Charges
(first purchase)
Ice Drill Mk I 50k gold + 10 War Scraps
Ice Drill Mk. II 100k gold + 25 War Scraps + Ice Drill Mk I + crafted SL Mk 2
Ice Drill Mk. III  150k gold + 50 War Scraps + Ice Drill Mk II + crafted SL Mk 3
Diamond Ice Drill 300k gold + 100 War Scraps + Ice Drill Mk III + Diamond Drill Bits 

Slide & Knockback Values per Mouse & Stage

Bonus Chest Contents

 ChestGold Points Trap loot Cold Fusion Wax Charms Sticky Charms Luck Charms 
Supply50,000 50,000 1 each 5 regular
Strongbox75,000 100,000 2 each 1 Ultimate
Treasure100,000 150,000 2 each 2 Ultimate
Treasure chest also confers the Diamond Drill Bits item if you do not already have it.

Icewing's Lair Outcomes

 Hunt #Boss Mouse AvailableBase Used to Catch Outcome 
Any (First Run)Frostwing Commander Any Normal victory 
< 250Icewing Deep Freeze Hidden Depths bonus area
0 to 425Icewing Not Deep FreezeNormal victory
> 425Frostwing Commander Any Normal victory 
Normal victory means you will be dashed upon the Slushy Shoreline, awarded appropriate bonus chests, and live to hunt another day.

Wax or Sticky Charms? Or... others?

Wax: +1 ft per successful catch of a Bergling-type mouse
Sticky: No knockback if you fail to catch a Bergling-type mouse
  • Both are consumed upon Encounter (any encounter)
  • The weaker your trap setup, the more beneficial Sticky Charms are for you (but at some point a regular catch rate boosting charm should be used)
  • If you are near the start of your stage, Wax Charms will help you get clear and Sticky charms won't help (because you can't be knocked back a stage)
  • If you are facing a General, neither charm's special effect will help you (just the +150 power)
A full calculation on "when to switch" is forthcoming and depends on the relative amounts of slide & knockback for the given stage, including Bergling subclass attraction rate should the slide & knockback differ between the Bergling-type mice in a given stage.
In the meantime, check out Chad Moore's MH Calculator, with an Iceberg special!  Chad's outdone himself once again, and added a ft/hunt estimate.  You can also find a ft/hunt calculation with in MH Reference.
You can also look up the current Feet/Hunt values on HornTracker, or head over to my POT vs. MK3 page to visualize a snapshot of the data as of 2013-07-18.

General Drheller

Those of you wanting this elusive mouse, are bound to be unhappy.  Sorry, but it's the truth.  The only reliable way to capture this mouse is to arm a non-hydro trap once at a General stage (300, 600, 1600, 1800 ft).  Switch to a cheap cheese such as marble or swiss, and sound the horn.  Sound it some more.  Keep sounding, you're almost there!
Have you been knocked back yet?  No?  Better keep sounding.
Repeat this until General Drheller finally appears and knocks you back 6 feet.  Swap back to your best hydro & the stage-specific base, and claw your way back to the General stage.  Now, arm your best hydro setup - you've got 2 shots to bring him down unless you really enjoyed that marathon FTC session with your Tacky Glue & Target base. If you FTA, it does not matter - you need to actually encounter him to use up these chances.
Plankrun's blessings, MouseHunter!

The Deep

You're going to have to be extremely lucky with Gouda, or throw money (aka SB+) at the Iceberg to capture this mouse.  Strategic use of your drills with respect to Generals and stages, in addition to knowing if and when to bail, are necessary.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enter the Deep Lair before hunt 249.  Once there, you enter into a battle of time with the Deep Mouse, though your penalty for failure is decidedly nonthreatening: so long as you enter the Deep Lair on hunt 249 or earlier, you will catch the Deep Mouse.  Event cheeses with unusually high attraction can be leveraged to perform Deep runs for significantly less cost than a pure SB+ attempt.  Bonus Luck Weekends, in which your trap is endowed with an extra 5 luck, are also great times to pursue the Deep.

This page put together with the help of fellow MouseHunters such as yourself.  Want to help?  Post your discoveries!