2c. Halloween/Fall

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All my ceramic items are hand painted, hand glazed (with FOOD SAFE GLAZE) and kiln fired (by me!).  To clean, they should be hand-washed. They are not dishwasher safe.

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My cute Hobo Jack-o-Lantern!  My hobo jack-o-lantern includes a tea light (battery style).  It measures 7-1/2" tall on its base and roughly 5" diameter.  Notice that the hat and base have a glimmer specked glaze and shine to it!  Such detail! Even the collar/band of the hat has a different kind of speckle glaze to provide contrast. Great for Halloween!

These are my Orange & White versions of my 
Super Cute Jack-o-Lantern!  It's 4-1/2" in diameter, 5" to the top of the stem and 3-1/2" from the base to lid.  It includes a tea light (battery style) for night time use! Great for Halloween!

Orange & White Pumpkin Jelly Jars
It's 4-1/2" in diameter, 5" to the top of the stem and 3-1/2" 
from the base to lid.

My 12.5" X 6.75" Pumpkins in the Patch Fall Serving Tray"

My 8-1/2" Ceramic Fall/Halloween Pumpkin Plate

Fall & Halloween Pumpkin-in-the-patch Trivet is 8" overall