Inversion tables are designed primarily with the idea to obtain relief from pain in knees, back, neck and also for blood circulation. When you choose an inversion table, there is no denying that the experience will be unique. If you are suffering from chronic backache along with other ailments, you will definitely find a sense of relief and comfort through inversion tables. Therefore, you need to be careful before choosing an inversion table unit so that you don’t make the wrong choice. There are several cheap inversion tables in the market that cause a lot of discomfort. Hence, it is crucial to review each product before you finalize on one.

About the Company

Although there are several products introduced by distinct companies, Teeter is one of the most popular brands known for safety. The products of Teeter stand apart from other inversion tables available in the market. Teeter works hand in hand with chiropractors, doctors, athletes and engineers to upgrade their design as per the current requirement and ensures safety of consumers. When you are hanging upside down on a piece of equipment, you want to be sure that you are using a durable and a reliable unit. The inversion tables from Teeter offer air circulation for your back with a flexible resting platform that helps in flexing your body. There are different models of Teeter, and the reviews of the same have been mentioned below.

1. Teeter hang Ups EP – 560

This inversion table undoubtedly is one of the best ones in the fitness market today. It can be used not only for inversion therapy but also to perform core exercises. This model helps relieve muscle and joint stress, reduces sleep related problems, boosts muscles strength and also improves your body posture. Overall, the inversion table contributes in relieving stress. Some of the beneficial features have been discussed below.
  • Design – When it comes to design and structure, Teeter Hang Ups beats all odds. It is the best inversion table that comes with certified quality. As a result, users gain maximum benefits of inversion therapy though this unit.
  • Assembly – Assembling the unit is easy and also setting up is effortless. With the help of the easy instructions, users can assemble it in no time. Once the table is set up, the settings can be adjusted based on your height and weight.
  • Build Quality – It is a sturdy unit as it is made of carbon steel. It comes with auto locking hinges and lasts for a longer period when compared to other inversion tables in the market.
  • Ankle Support – The pressure-decreasing foam ankle lock ensures that users get best ankle support. There is a comfort dial as well which offers best comfort. It fits well around the ankles thereby reducing the pressure on it.
  • Capacity – The unit has the capability of accommodating users between 4 feet, 8 inches and 6 feet with 6 inches height. The inversion table’s user weight is up to 300 pounds.
  • Inversion – The inverting process is indeed smooth and helps in easy inverting as well as return to the initial position. There is no stress when it comes to inversion and hence you can focus on stretching and decreasing your back pain effectively.
2. Teeter EP 560 Sport Inversion Table

The inversion table from Teeter is known for its versatility and is a
must buy. Besides relieving back pain, the unit also works beneficial when it comes to strengthening and stretching of muscles. It effectively works your leg, core and glutes. Therefore, it is a versatile inversion table that offers more benefits than just inversion. Some of the key features have been listed below.


  • You can easily change the regular Ergo Embrace Supports to conversion bar with the help of the gravity boots.
  • Gravity boots offer the best support for your ankles with thick foam liners, self locking buckles and durable shell for a best and customized fit.
  • Gravity boots are versatile and hence can be used along with inversion and chin up rack
  • Assembly of the inversion table is simple as it comes partially assembled and the rest can be completed with the help of an instructional DVD.
  • Traction handles provide decompression, stretching and oscillation in addition to quick releasing option from complete inversion.
3. Teeter Hang Ups Contour L5

The Contour Power model from Teeter is relatively expensive when compared to other models. But, it offers additional features like a smooth and silent motor. It also rotates easily to all angles as per your needs which also include full inversion. Some of the best features of this model have been listed below:
  • Extra long handles for ankle locking system helps in decreasing the need to bend.
  • Made using aerospace grade steel that comes with a gravity lock system
  • It is designed to create benefits of being both aesthetical and functional
  • Teeter strap helps in setting angles at different degrees with a quick guide on inversion
Other benefits
  • Design – Designed beautifully along with a push button control and the motor operates quietly. When you experience a power failure, you can immediately use the crank back up feature. The hand grips offer support as far as mounting is concerned. The style of this unit is indeed unique with curved legs in the front that helps in quick mounting and demounting.
  • Ankle Support – The extra long handle on ankle lock decreases the need for bending and offers best fit for ankle clamps too.
  • Assembly – There is no hassle with assembly as it comes partly assembled. Users can refer to the user manual along with the DVD with clear instructions.
  • Capacity – The maximum user capacity is 300 lbs. The model has patented interlock gears that offer full inversion and pause at all rotational ankles. With a simple push of a button, you can secure your ankles.
4. Teeter EP 960

The EP 960 is an updated version of the older model EP 950. The unit in addition to the old feature has some upgraded ones that make it as one of the customizable tables today. The inversion table can be used not only for getting some relief from back pain but also to do many core workouts.

Features and Benefits
  • Design – The frame of the inversion table is an updated one and is made of heavy gauge steel.  The Comfort Trak Bed is restructured and contains 2 pieces that easily fold together. It is indeed very comfortable and flexes by decreasing the back pressure when partially inverted. As a result, it helps in improved stretching.
  • Stretch Mark handles – This is one of the newest features that help the user switch to inverting and upright position without any problem. In addition, you can perform distinct types of stretching workouts. This leads to spine decompression and relieves stress to a great extent.
  • EZA Angle Tether Strap – This helps in controlling the angle of inversion through easy arm movements which indeed makes the overall process simpler. The bed is made to fit the Lumbar Bridge as well as accessories of acupressure nodes.
  • Assembly – The inversion table is delivered preassembled which resolves most of your problems. You can refer to the DVD that provides step by step instructions for quick assembly.
  • Quality and Ankle Support – The inversion table is designed using heavy duty steel with a coating that is scratch–resistant. The EZ Reach Ankle System is a boon for those who cannot bend over towards their ankles.
  • The Ergo Embrace is the most comfortable clamp system for ankle support. The weight of the user is evenly distributed around the feet and ankles.
  • Easy Inversion – As far as inverting is concerned, this model is indeed the easiest of all. The inversion angle can be preset as per requirement and there is no need to worry while inverting as you can easily use the unit.
5. Teeter EP 960 Ltd

This particular inversion table is from the ComforTrak series which is
upgraded with best optional accessories to help you enjoy the new inversion experience. It has the acupressure node as well as the lumbar bridge that helps in altering your stretch. It adds to the healing pressure and enhances decompression. The large stretch max handles offer best assistance and support. The inversion angle can be easily preset as per your requirement.


  • Durable, smooth and easy to clean surface decreases friction and increases decompression.
  • It helps in comfortable flexing with the user during stretching and movement.
  • ComforTrak Bed is redesigned with new track that holds all accessories to obtain a best customizable experience. It adds effective pressure point massaging and also offers best lower back support.
  • The head pillow can be used or removed based on your comfort requirements.
6. Teeter hang Ups 970 Ltd

The EP 970 inversion table from Teeter is one of the most beneficial inversion tables that boost the experience of users with interesting accessories and features. The unit is designed keeping in mind the ease of use and comfort. It provides best relief from backaches and reduces strain on the ankle and joints. There are several features and some of the beneficial ones have been listed below:

Acupressure Nodes – These are available in two distinct sizes. All you need to do is inserting anywhere in addition to ComforTrak for healing pressure on spine and its supporting muscles.

Stretch Max – This feature helps in handling with embossed angle of inversion with a large grip surface to help users. There are many stretching options made available for those with good experience in inverting.

Lumbar Bridge – This is a feature that helps in increasing the decompression and offers inversion benefits in terms of alignment. It also offers a support point that mainly focuses on lower back traction.
Deluxe EZ Reach Ankle System offers smooth closure and provide large handle that does not require you to bend while securing ankles.

7. Teeter EP 860 Ltd

The Teeter EP 860 model has been upgraded by the manufacturer to
help users obtain best of benefits than before. In addition to experiencing best inversion, you can also obtain ultimate support through its extra long Stretch Max handles. You can now say goodbye to your back pain with this inversion table. Additionally, you can also perform workouts to strengthen your muscles that are stressed. Some of the key features have been listed below:


  • As far as acupressure nodes are concerned, they are available in 4 different sizes. You can simply insert them anywhere with the ComforTrak for healing pressure for supporting muscles of your spine.
  • Lumbar Bridge is mainly structured to increase the alignment and decompression benefits of inverting. It offers a support point that mainly targets the lower back for traction.
  • Stretch max handles are available with embossed ankles of inversion which offer large grip surface. This helps in assisting new users and the experienced ones can seek increased stretching options.
  • EZ angle rotation control provides best guide with positions that can be preset for low inversion to higher intensity inversion.
Before you decide to invest in an inversion table to obtain best inversion therapy, it is important to understand the mechanism of such units and the benefits it offers. Therefore, by referring to the reviews of distinct models of Teeter, you will be in a better position to understand which model best fits your requirement. Inversion therapy is the only solution to reduce back pain problems that is chronic in nature. You can check the features and benefits of each model and choose the one that will meet your requirements to the fullest. Teeter inversion tables are highly popular and in demand due to its excellent performance, durability and back pain relief. Majority of people use Teeter inversion table and have found relief from back pain related problems. All in all, Teeter is a renowned company that does not compromise on the quality and performance and hence it has gained fame in the industry.