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Sri Lanka day highlights - INSPIRE & ACHIEVE

posted Aug 6, 2016, 1:12 AM by Indu Upasena
It was a moment of triumph when 16 year old Takisha finished singing the star spangled banner with a big smile. Her amazing powerful voice was breathtaking. Couldn't hear a pin drop.

A longtime friend and a co-worker named Prasanna surprised me when he said to Takisha's mom 'If you have Teera on your side, you have an army behind you"

'WoW' that was an unexpected surprise .His comment uplifted my spirits that brought me joy. I have no words to articulate the moment.. 

Last year during the event Prasanna's encouraging words INSPIRED me to ACHIEVE my GOAL. He had notice the anguish on my face when he passed by.He stopped , then asked  'Something the matter' You look very upset? I was: as I had failed many attempts to put Takisha on stage as scheduled. However a misunderstanding took place due to a  miscommunication the committee was not letting her sing.

She looked very sad when she asked me 'Am I going to sing at all today" as she had invited her friends and family to listen to her singing. I was so burdened for the 15 year old , and almost ready to give up when Prasanna came by .He said 'Teera if you believe in her so much don't giveup" try one more time. His encouraging words made me ask them again and miraculously she was given the opportunity to sing one song.

Miracles take place when we make it our call to make our voice heard on behalf of those who are not in a position to speak for themselves. When we stand up for what and who we believe MIRACLES HAPPEN!. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!

Damith from Srilanka Foundation volunteered to decorate and display my posters in the booth by himself in the middle of his hectic schedule. I was happy to see Patrick sitting in the booth by himself when I walked in. He drove 2 and 1/2 hours from San Diego to make it on time and was waiting patiently for me to arrive. I got lot later than expected due to an unexpected setback. I was proud to introduce Patrick to dr,J as he walked in. Dr.J inspired Pat by commending him on his writing. I am grateful for the opportunity to display my book on a prominent spot on Srilanka day took place in Paseo, Colorado Blvd, Pasadena..

Please check for the cultural dancing and fabulous events took place during the day and ended up with Baila dancing shook the Paseo Colorado blvd until mid night. The dancers also reminded me of dr.J's only daughter Dilhani's cultural dance performance concert took place when she was a teenager. She was Spectacular!!!!!!
The Crown books store manager Sue came with her friends and supported us with  love and commitment. Her actions spoke louder than words

It was an awesome privilege to meet Mr.Jayam Ratnam who remembered my late brother Cyril(Sextus)  I was so proud when he spoke about him with highest honor. Once he came to the booth looked straight into my eyes and said 'You Sextus" as if he couldn't get over the fact he met his  good friend's sister. He told me he attended my brother's funeral services when he passed away in 1997. He kept coming to the booth and spoke with Takisha and her mom too sitting there to support me.

It gave me a great satisfaction and joy when my good friend Neela came by to buy a book. She used to work with me at LOS ANGELES MEDICAL CENTER while ago. She is a true friend.

Vinayak Bhame a native from Goya was excited about my story, and was fascinated about the Srilanken culture. We had a great conversation. He promised to write an article about my story in his website.

A lady stopped by and was excited when she said it is great to meet you in person. I read your story and read a lot about you on line. She asked for a picture with me, also came back many times for more pictures.

Many people who have already read my book came by to tell me they enjoyed reading my story.

Dilhani came by with her shining smile. She said to everybody around ' I worked for 'Anty Teera" She and I posed for 15 pictures at the photo booth next door. She encouraged me to publish my story from the day I mentioned  to her that  I was in the process of writing my life story.

Then I heard a woman keep asking ' Where is Teera ! Where is Teera ?

 It was the homeless lady I met at the Cathedral of our lady of Angles, in Los Angles  while ago" A long story in brief. I was sitting outside the church and was reading a book . when suddenly heard a woman saying "you judged me" I turned around wondering who she was shouting at  and why? I got confused when I noticed her pointing at me.  Later I found out from a friend it is a condition called Bipolar disorder syndrome. That was the first time I heard about Bipolar Syndrome.

Within few minutes we made a connection and she told me she loves to read and write. I told her I was in the process of publishing my story. Never in my wildest dreams expected  her to come looking for me on Srilanka day. A homeless woman with a brilliant intellect. Seeing her that day made me want to write about UNSEEN Artists which I already started.

It turned out to be a very interesting wonderful evening filled with positive energy, Many magic moments to reminisce with a smile