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posted Aug 6, 2016, 1:15 AM by Indu Upasena

Christmas day 2013 was a cloudy day for me and those around me. But for Richard Roffman it was not one of those days. He brought sunshine to my life by leaving a very uplifting  message on my answering machine when least expected, which also gave new meaning to Santa Claus coming to town. He gave me Hope when Hope was needed. It was also a reminder God/Universe doesn't give us what we want, but what we need.

The details will be revealed in my  follow up book "DIVINE CONNECTIONS' I am grateful he crossed my path. Rick copy edited my story in one day. He once told me "Teera! by copy editing your story  I found my call Since then he edited many manuscripts and found joy and fulfillment.

Rick was ready when God called his name. He was very sad when his good friend John Buchak passed away. Rick liked the way John lived and died .He wished  to die the same way and his wish came true.

Rick edited 6 of John's Mystery stories he had been writing for 20 years  He gave John the confidence and the support he needed to publish them months before he peacefully passed away. They made a connection during the time. Rick mentioned to me few times that he really missed John's  company. All of us attended the meetings of The Independent writers of Southern California (IWOS) at the Crown book store miss John very much as he was a grateful humble soul with a heart of gold.

Something very unique about Rick was his ability to laugh at himself when he related the personnel stories/challenges  He used every opportunity to pass his knowledge. I listened to him for many hours and was fascinated by his brilliant intellect. He didn't believe in the new technology. TV, COMPUTERS or CELL phones, but had the capacity to have his writings published without them. Recently when he appeared on channel 9 news, I watched him in amazement. I received the last article he published few days ago in mail.

He was very concerned about the well being of those who are suffering with Alzhemer's disease. Rick believed  they should be given
the freedom to live and die with dignity He spoke about it passionately and used president Reagan as an example and how the president didn't even know who he was once he got  Alzheimer's disease. I agree with Rick and hope I would have the opportunity to pass his message of Love and dignity for all humanity. There were times I noticed him walking as if he carried a heavy weight on his shoulder.

Rick was once called a walking (enclopedia) at an IWOS meeting for his memory of historical events. He certainly was. Rick mailed me letters and articles he wrote.I read them and wrote back to him with my feedback. I was fascinated by his deep clear voice. Once it gave me a bright idea. I wrote a few lines of the song LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND' sung by Pat Boone and mailed it to him. Couple of days later he called me and ask 'do you want to hear me sing a song" I said Yes He sang the verse I wrote to him like  a happy kid. I am glad I was able to bring out the kid in him.

Rick was not interested in writing a book or his story. So I made a binder with some of his brilliant writings.
When I presented it to him he turned the pages like a child who found a toy who had been wanting all his life. He asked me to keep it for him. It was my pleasure to pass it on to his amazingly beautiful and gracious daughter Lara at his funeral  services. I am certain on his way to heaven, he was taking a peak at all of us gathered to honor his life on earth to witness his precious daughter's smile when she accepted the binder.

Rick started as a student at Syracuse University in NY  and later worked there a as a Teacher.. He told me with a big smile that he met Joe Biden during the time and that he communicated with him even when he became the vice President.

I  sincerely believe Richard Roffman's story should be told because they way I see it has the potential to  change the world of many  people who may be brilliant artists, but have not have the opportunity to exploit the gifts they were born with.

Our story begins at HOME

May his soul rest in Peace.