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posted Apr 19, 2016, 12:15 PM by Indu Upasena   [ updated May 10, 2016, 11:44 PM ]
 My sister Mary Bridget  joined  Marcus 11 days after his departure.She was a beautiful woman and was proud about her looks and strong character. She passed away on the 16th morning as our family in US were making plans to-gather to pay respect for Marcus.. It was a celebration of their  lives on earth and  turned out to be a pleasant evening. Who would have thought I would be writing my heart out so soon as I had just finished sharing a tribute I wrote in my brother Marcus's honor with friends and family on the 11th April. The same day the services were held to honor our brother Cyril several years ago. They sacrificed and accomplished so much in their own ways.

Their characters were so different, but they admired and cared for each other. Marcus and  Mary Bridget were one year apart in age and had a close bond as they grew up together during tough times. They silently carried some of the weight to help parents bring us up came after them. Marcus once related the times they chopped firewood together.  Bridget too built a house for her daughter.. She was very proud to live in a home designed by her younger brother Marcus.She planted coconut and, King coconut trees , Banana trees (Plantain)  and vegetable in her back yard with her bear hands Her front yard was filled with beautiful flowers. She walked the earth bare foot and spent an enormous amount of time at the yard  fertilizing and watering them. Bridget offered king coconut water from one of her trees to me on a previous visit. 

She cooked from scratch and served tasty food with pride. We all loved her cooking. Her house was always clean! spotless.
When I heard the news I found peace with the pleasant thoughts and said to myself they joined together and on the "HIGH WAY TO HEAVEN" .Many decades later I have come to the conclusion that  there is no purgatory in between heaven and earth as we were taught.. Once we were followers. My experiences made me learn that the choices we make create heaven or hell on earth. Sometimes the choices are made for us.  We all have to carry some kind of a cross through our lifesjourney  It is how we handle them determines our charactor guides us to our destinations.  No body is spared. 

Mary Bridget never had the opportunity the enjoy the childhood. She had to grow up faster than no kid should. She was married to a stranger at a very young age. Father  believed he would make a better husband than the guy she was dating,.Her wedding shock the village. Mary looked so beautiful walking down the isle, but not even a sad smile. She leaned to love him over time . Her husband Andrew was a agreeable man and they were good together. He read a lot and always saved me the 'Readers Digest' to take with me when I visited their home at the time they provided shelter to two of my children.

She had a lot of heartaches and sadness over the years. Her son Christopher passed away when he was one year old due to a rare health condition. Many years later her eldest son Anthony  got into a mother cycle accident and died on his way to way home from work. No mother should have to bury a child.   She moved on as if she perfected an invisible shield around her that got her through the worst times. I spent quite a lot of time with her during my last trip to Srilanka. At the time she was very feeble, but as far as she was concerned I was still her innocent meek little sister. She didn't like the dress I was wearing, and made me change into one of her dresses she preferred me to wear. I brought it with me, and like the way I look when I put it on some evenings.

She took care of our parents at her home in their final years. Her daughter Marie and her husband took great care of her to the end. 

I was honored when she gave me Pappa's wedding ring for keep sake and made the same statement mother made when I fled from Srilanka, that we may not see each other again. They were both right.

The more I open up to our differences, I feel  even more connected to the complexity to our divine nature. The (UNIVERSE) U (GOD)!!