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posted Mar 8, 2017, 3:05 PM by Indu Upasena   [ updated Mar 8, 2017, 3:06 PM ]
A  devoted dog discovers the purpose of its existence. Must-see inspirational movie based on the notion that dogs exist to be of service to humans and how one dog's voice is enthusiastically articulated. Must see inspirational movie. 

It is so beautiful to see the hand of God at work. 

While watching the movie I couldn't help but think about the book God Spelled Backwards: The Journey of an Actress into the World of Dog Rescue. Please check the website www.sylvakelegian.com.
This meaningful movie  took me back to memory lane!!!!   I fell in love with a sad-eyed Golden Retriever and took him in when a friend found him on the street and brought him  to my home. The poor thing was so scared, dirty and thirsty. I named him Rover.It was obvious Rover was brutally beaten and thrown out of a home, as he ran to  hiding whenever I picked up a broom to sweep the floor.
More details will be revealed in my follow up book 'DIVINE CONNECTIONS”

When my daughter Shirlene got divorced I had no choice but to leave Rover with my brother's family in Fresno as I made the decision to move to an apartment to stay close to her. Sadly pets were not allowed there but thankfully the whole family loved Rover very much which took a load off me.
A few months later when Shirlene met Gary, I then realized she didn't need me around anymore, so  planned to move back to my house and bring Rover back. I was excited and dreamed how happy Rover would be come home again. Two weeks prior to the move I got shocking news. Rover got hit by a truck and passed away. That broke my heart into pieces.

I was not prepared to put myself through more heart aches by adopting another, but took care of friends’ dogs when they had to leave town. During the time I looked after my actress friend Vivian's Dog Lola, as she had to leave the country for a while,. when Vivian came back to pick her up, Lola ran and got in to her jeep without a moment’s hesitation.
I was amazed at Lola's obedience and devotion.

It was almost the same story when I took care of Cody, my front house neighbor Tanner's dog the time they went out of town. Cody sat in my front yard and kept looking at their house every day until they came back. Cody ran wagging his tale nonstop so happy his loving family was back. Lucky for me they were well-trained dogs.

I couldn't say that about Rover and Tigger. When I walked them some animal lovers ask with a smile. “WHO WALKS WHO "  I enjoy them walking me and walk with me as they bring "SUNSHINE" to my life.

They teaches us to LOVE  and LAUGH.

When Tigger came along, I fell in Love with the little poodle. He was lost and was roaming around the streets when a neighbor found and brought him to me. When Shirlene met Tigger, without a beat, she said Rover died, re-incarnated and came back as Tigger. Yes! Just like in the movie how Bailey found Ethan after many lifetimes, many years later.
Dogs  are fascinating and their intelligence is phenomenal. Please watch this amazing love story, and buy the book to support those who are making it their call to protect the humans' best friend from inhuman cruelty.