About Teera de Fonseka

By: Pat Meissner

Teera de Fonseka is a mother, a grandmother, and a writer living in Los Angeles, California. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing and walking her dog, Tigger. Writing especially has become a hobby for Teera in recent years, as she has worked to publish her memoirs. She loves to spend her days, as she puts it, “writing her heart out.”

Writing has brought Teera a great deal of peace and she wants to encourage others to write their hearts out too. She hopes that her story can touch and inspire others. After having had a chance to tell her tale, Teera wants to keep helping people. She finds inspiration in the talent that she sees in the people around her. She wants to encourage these people to do everything that they can with these talents, and to live up to their potential; to trust in God’s plan for them.

On a personal note, Teera is one of the most remarkable people that I have ever met. She has lived through more than any person that I have known, she has lost more than any person that I have known, and yet she is more grateful, generous, hopeful, and enthusiastic than I can even begin to articulate. That sweet little Sri Lankan lady has become my third grandma over the course of these past 4+ years, and I am so grateful that she has trusted me with her memoirs.

There is no one that encouraged me more, while working on this project, than Teera did. Even at the times where I doubted myself, Teera never gave up on me, and she still won’t. She believed in me and I in turn believe in her and her story. I believe that Teera’s life story needed to be told, that its message needed to reach as many people as it possibly could. Teera’s story is one that deserved to be presented with great care, and I can only hope that I have done it justice. 

About Pat Meissner

By: Teera de Fonseka

Patrick is young but has the gentleness and presence of an older person. His smile is warm and his concentration is inspiring. Often I felt like I was working with a much older gentleman who had been here lot longer than I have. He is brilliant, ambitious smart and witty. He speaks only when it is necessary, and is always eager to listen.

He is one of the best writers of the younger generation who can illuminate the drama and complexity of life with compassion, humor, and honesty. He is a rising star, and fits in anywhere. It doesn’t matter where he is, or whom he is with. He adapts and always stays grounded.

We learned so much from each other and I found him to be a kid of integrity. To my amazement he turned out to be a remarkable young man who doesn’t seem to have the need to impress anyone and is comfortable in his own skin. On the weekends he is either writing or surfing. I call him a ‘soul writer’ and a ‘solo surfer.’

When I heard his voice on the phone for the first time, I got the impression he was an older person with a lot of experience. Then the day he came to my doorstep, I was surprised to meet a cute adorable kid with a shining smile of a sixteen year old. At the time he was 22.

For a moment I doubted his ability to understand the story of a woman from a country like Sri Lanka, with an enormous age and culture gap. But I had confidence that Fr. Tom Allender would not have introduced Patrick to me unless he was sure of him. Tom told me that Pat had recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University, and that he was a “good kid.”

It took longer than both of us expected to present my story. Patrick and I had our ups and downs, but we put our trust in each other, and never hesitated to clear up our misunderstandings through communication. We were always pleased with the results whenever we had to talk through the certain challenges we faced along the way. It has indeed been a long road.

Sometimes he became the detective, and came up with questions that made me go back to those trying times. He left no stone unturned to help make sense of the trials and tragedies that took place during my long battle.