Online Pathfinder


Welcome to my online pathfinder for young women! This pathfinder provides resources for issues and topics on sex, birth control methods and options, safe sex, masturbation, and health for teens. I created this pathfinder to accommodate any questions about birth control, having safe sex, risks, STDs, relationships, and physical and mental changes. There is so much information out there about sex and many teens that need assistance figuring it all out. This site is made for teen girls, but is completely appropriate for teen boys.




Throughout the years, high school, clinics, organizations, and, of course, parents has tried to answer questions teens have about sex. This topic can be “touchy” or, for lack of words, “uncomfortable” for most teens and parents. The government has spent millions of dollars promoting abstinence, which is essential, but this pathfinder will assist the girls ready to be responsible, smart, and informed.


Selection Process and Uses


The information used in this pathfinder was chosen based on authority and overall appeal to teens. Resources are included that are very authoritative in content and some others that are fun to use and educational. I wanted to include everything. I wanted there to be tons of information for teens to use for any reason. You may need to write a paper or you may be looking for the best birth control. Either way, this pathfinder is for you. This is the all things sex and birth control pathfinder for teens and young adults. A good example of a resource that is fun, cool, and educational is: This site is exceptional for teens and a great source. You will find many other sources like this one and in many formats.


Why Electronic Materials?


Electronic materials are becoming more important every day. As more sites are developed and more resources are online, it is important to have these sources organized and available to use. This pathfinder creates a usable list of multimedia formats for digitally inclined teens. Why waste time on unusable formats? Do we want to watch another VHS on “The Birds and the Bees? I don’t think so, and neither do teens.


Additional Resources


When creating this pathfinder, I used specific search terms on the web that included: sex; teens: birth control; and resources. Be careful! Using “teens and sex” will not help find information on birth control…


Who am I?


My name is Emily and I am a graduate student at Indiana University. This pathfinder is a project for a class on children’s and young adult’s electronic resources. I chose this topic because I felt it is very important to educate teens on sex, not just abstinence. I think waiting is the best option, but not the road taken by many. So be prepared and use the resources I have provided in this pathfinder. I created this pathfinder on February 23, 2009.