Future Strategies on Preventing Teen Pregnancy

    Introduce Global Peer Education Programs
Surrounding Teenage Pregnancy
  •          Peer Education occurs when adolescents are trained and prepared so that they can educate other adolescents.
  • Teenagers are more likely to trust and confide in each other than in adults. 
     Offer Free Worldwide Access to Emergency
  •        Do not require prescription or pelvic examination to obtain emergency contraception.
  •        Allow anonymous access to emergency contraception without age contraindication. 
  •        Make free emergency contraception available in many settings. (clinics, schools, community centers, pharmacies)
     Empower Parents Worldwide By Providing
  •              Encourage parental involvement and monitoring of friendships and relationships.
  •       Suggest parental discussion of their own sexual values. 
  •       Encourage parents to start talking about sex at a young age and revisiting the topic as their children mature.
      Moderate Global Media Available to Teenagers
  •      Advocate for television shows and music promoting abstinence and safe sex.