Ethical Issues

When is it acceptable for a minor to obtain a prescprition for birth control? 
What are the factors that some teens view pregnancy as a positive life event?
What makes teen marriage and pregnancy socially acceptable in some cultures and not in others?
  • Providing access for teens to effective means of birth control raises ethical debates over taxpayer supported public health initiatives.
  • Disparities exist across geographic and ethnic boundaries. 
  •  Teen birthrates are highest in the South and lowest in the Northeast and upper Midwest.  
  •  Birthrates for black and Hispanic teens are nearly twice that of Caucasians. 
  • Teen age mothers, particularly those 16 and under are known to have an increased rate of adverse birth risks, most frequently low infant birth weight. 
  • States with restrictive abortion laws have seen a decrease in teen pregnancy rates.
  • Research shows that parents discussing sex with their teenage children can delay intercourse for their teen. 
  • However, most teens report not having this discussion with their parents.