Becky Wallace

Stealing Home

Abigail Johnson

Every Other Weekend

Cheyanne Young

The Last Wish of Sasha Cade

C C Hunter

Three Heartbeats Away

Pintip Dunn


Jennifer Mathieu

The Liars of Mariposa

Lindsey Duga

Glow of the Fireflies

Shaila Patel

Soulmated: Fighting Fate

Ruben Degollado


Vicky Skinner

The Dead Club: Councils and Keepers

Misako Rocks

Bounce Back

Kristin Smith


Karen Blumenthal

Bonnie and Clyde: The Making of a Legend

Cat Winters

The Raven's Tale

David Bowles

The Call Me Guero

Alex Temblador

Secrets of the Casa Rosada

Jodi Meadows

When She Reigns

Amanda Thrasher

Captain Fin

D.C. Gomez

Another World

Josh David Bellin


e.E. Charlton-Trujillo

Fat Angie Rebel Girl Revolution

Kip Wilson

White Rose

Rebecca Balcarcel

The Other Half of Happy

Sherry Thomas

The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan