a Life of Becoming

…here is your charge; keep thinking and keep feeling, keep becoming…  C.Bevan, 1996




Growth in Connection



Adventures in Teaching 






          Keep becoming.  A powerfully thought-provoking charge, but how exactly does one answer that call?  It is misleading to assume that one path would lead us all to that place, or that the destination is the same for each of us. For me, held within this charge, is the challenge to continue growing and changing, refusing to be satisfied with the ordinary or the comfortable.

It’s a realization that learning is a lifelong process in which I must choose to actively engage. Learning cannot be held simply within the narrow confines of academics, but encompasses relationships, personal development and life events – every experience shapes who I am and who I am becoming.


This site is meant to give you a glimpse into who I am (so far!) and how I got here. It's been quite a journey; lots of ups and lots of downs, and many more to come I'm sure. These past few years have been the most challenging and at the same time, the most rewarding; each experience has shaped some part of me.


Sometimes I find myself longing to see that future that surely awaits on the horizon, as each step I take seems to create a path I had not anticipated traveling. With my faith as my foundation I continue on, not knowing exactly where the path leads, but sure that each experience and each relationship, will shape who I am. I will love, I will change, I will grow, I will hurt, I will be lonely, I will doubt, I will trust, I will hope and I will dream. I will keep becoming...