TLWMSN Device Mounts and Trays

A List of AAC and Switch Mounts, and Wheelchair Trays. 

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Literacy and Language Arts

 Device Mounts

 CJT Enterprises

AAC mounts for wheelchairs, desks, the floor and walkers.



Mounts for AAC and laptops.


FRS Mounts

    Table Top and Over the Bed.


 Gus Mounting System

Desk style mount (flip style and regular).

Help Mate

Desk style mount for laptops or as tray.

My Desc

Desk style mount for AAC, laptops or as tray.



Third Hand Mounting Systems

For iPods, phones, AAC and more.



Switch Mounts

 Ablenet, Inc.




 ASL Mounts







DES-AT Mighty Mount




 DJ Tech



Enabling Devices




 RJ Cooper


Turning Point Technology