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Literacy and Language Arts

Software for Download

AAC Keys

Similar to Serial Keys this is a free, unsupported keyboard/mouse emulator for use with a switch or switches. 


The Anne Carlson Center Software and Overlays


Assistive Software 

A variety of free downloads for low vision and reading disabilities including a screen magnifier, a line highlighter, a cursor cartoon and more.


Caltrox Educational Software 

Caltrox offers four computer games for learners:  Kid's Abacus, Geometry Master, Hangword, and Word Dummy.  All are on the pre-school to primary ability level. 

Child Proof 

Child Proof is free, unsupport software for earlier versions of Windows (95-NT4) to protect files from tampering. 



 Childsplay is a suite of fourteen early learning games on a GNU license. 


Classroom Timer 

Classroom timer is an on screen alternative to the fifteen timers you keep losing.   


Click 'n' Type

Click 'n' Type is an onscreen virtual keyboard, allowing typing with a mouse, mouse alternative or touchscreen.  It includes and optional (and still free) speech package and word prediction.


Clown Time 

Clown Time is a switch, mouse or keyboard accessed cause and effect program for Mac only.


Cool Timer

Cool Timer is an on screen timer, like Classroom Timer above, but cooler.


Creative Painter

Painting software for the young child.


Dasher is an alternative text entry software.  It uses "zooming" word prediction with any number of input devices, including eye tracking.


Deafblind Online

Deafblind Online offers some really amazing free software, including a talking/symbol based word processor, two different switch programs to create two different levels of switch activated programs, a talking/symbol based web browser and more.  These resources are not to be missed!


EMac Speak


Fab Four Switch Games 

Four exciting cause and effect switch games for your students from Brillsoft. 

Fire Vox 

Fire Vox is a Fire Fox plugin that adds speech capabilities. 

Free Assistive Technology You Already Own

An article explaining how to access the built in features of both Windows and Mac OS. 



An award winning suite of over 100 activities for learners ages 4-10.

Hark the Game

A sound game for kids.

Head-Tracking Pointer 

This software from IBM turns any web cam into a head mouse.

Help Read

High Visibility Animated Cursors


Hiyah Games

 Mouse free games for students with Autism and other special needs. 



Screen magnification. 


Converts commercially available joysticks into alternative mice. 



Similar to above allows game controllers to be turned into mice.

Kid's Fonts


Lexia Font for Dyslexia and Low Vision


Mini-Sebran and Sebran ABC

Fun and perfect for special needs, especially low vision, software for kids from pre-school to mid-elementary. 



Children's Software 


Single Switch Media Players and more

A collection of free resources including single switch CD player and media player software, Intellikeys overlays for the media player, a picture symbol based launcher program and an e-story maker.

Software for Use Online

Big Book Maker from Naace

CBeebies Online Switch Games

Inclusive UK and the BBC have teamed up to offer 12 switch adapted games for the pre-school/primary school age student.  

CAST Book Builder 

The  CAST Book Builder allows teachers and others to create electronic books with support for literacy, especially comprehension. 

Junior Web Speech Therapy Activities

Kid Rocket Safe Web Browser

Kid's Magnetic Poetry




Kneebouncers Cause and Effect 

Touch any key (or use with a switch interface) cause and effect software for the youngest children. 

Slater Software Literacy Support Symbol Engine

A simple interface that allows you to search for a Mayer-Johnson-esque picture symbol to save to your work.

Printable Materials 

Black Sheep Press 

Materials for speech therapy, language and vocabulary instruction. 

 File Folder Games and Games

Pre-school/Kindergarten level printable games. 

Graph Paper

Graphic Organizers 

Ispeek Printouts

Some high quality printouts including a picture schedule for bedtime, a picture shopping list and a picture leisure choice board.


Materials by Mail

Davis Art Monthly Planner 

Music and Sounds 

Free Kids Music

Free Play Music

I Love Wavs (Kids)