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Case Studies

Public-Private Partnerships for Green Space in NYC

Case Consortium @ Columbia University and the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, 2014

This case examines the history and wider applicability of public-private partnerships for parks. It raises for discussion whether and how such partnerships can succeed.

Can Investigative Journalism Pay?: InvestigateWest and the Nonprofit Model, Case Consortium @ Columbia University, 2013

This case looks at the realities of creating a nonprofit news start-up focused on investigative reporting. Nonprofits often start with substantial financial support from foundations. Is this healthy in the news business? What about when the goal is public service journalism? How can news start-ups achieve a sustainable business model that includes a mix of funding streams? If a journalism organization offers services outside of standard reporting, does that affect its core mission--and reputation?

When BEST Intentions Go Awry: Arsenic Mitigation in Bangladesh, Case Consortium @ Columbia University, 2012

This case is about a public health response to the widespread arsenic contamination of groundwater in Bangladesh. It focuses on a Columbia University clinical trial of a potential treatment for arsenic poisoning. It presents for students' consideration the challenges of conducting research in rural, less developed and culturally insular communities. It also raises the issue of aiding communities while studying them, which is complicated by funding restrictions and the possible skewing of results.



City Tech - Innovation Ecosystems: Identifying and Fostering Grassroots Design Capacity

Land Lines, July 2018

Profile: Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum

The Architect’s Newspaper, June 21, 2011

Could Recession Lead to Death of Sprawl?

Architectural Record, July 14, 2009

Looking at LOT-EK

Metropolis, May 6, 2009

Letter from Boston: It’s the Pedestrian-Oriented Small Commercial Districts, Stupid

Metropolis, June 16, 2009

Form Follows Feathers: Bird-Friendly Architecture

Architectural Record, January 10, 2008

Battle Rages Over Neutra’s Cyclorama Center

Architectural Record, October 3, 2007

What lurks beneath

The Financial Times, August 25, 2007

Aging Moderns Still Prove Controversial

Architectural Record, June 14, 2007

Unity Temple will use geothermal energy after its first major restoration

Architectural Record, February 2006

When Worlds Collide

FastCompany, January, 2006

Q+A: Amy Smith

I.D., January/February 2005

Interview with the sustainable design expert, MIT instructor and MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” recipient,

Aalto’s MIT Masterpiece

Metropolis, December, 2003

Cultural Heritage: The Digital Preservation of Lady Liberty

CIO, November 15, 2003


Q&A: Dean Kamen on Sustainable Technologies and the Smart Grid

Metropolis, December 8, 2009

Reducing Pollution – it’s a bargain

Early efforts at devising Kyoto protocol-mandated emissions trading schemes,

The Financial Times, February 2, 2003

Internet ups power grid IQ

Technology Research News, June 16, 2004

Despite decades of advances in building controls, electric grid management tools and communications ...

Cultural heritage, policy

Caught in the line of fire

The Financial Times, February 5, 2003

During the run-up to the Iraq invasion, rival groups of academics, curators and collectors vie to influence the cultural agenda of a post-war, post-sanctions Iraq. Discusses factors that led to looting and chaos in the wake of the invasion.

Tech & Human Behavior

Successful Visualization Projects Require Managing Cultural Changes

Data Informed, Nov 12, 2013

Easy-to-use graphical applications that allow non-experts to conduct sophisticated data analysis can change the way organizations operate.

Advances in Data Visualization Software...

Data Informed, July 19, 2013

The prospect is still enticing after years of promises—a constantly updated global view of your organization’s data, infinitely zoomable and sliceable and presented in visually compelling graphics.

Using the Science of Perception to Visualize Network Security Data

Data Informed, May 30, 2013

As Internet-based warfare heats up and computer networks become a more critical component of conventional military operations, the Pentagon is investing in improving cybersecurity analytics overall and visual analytics in particular…

Impact Assessment: Roadside Eye Catchers

Technology Research News, Mar 2, 2005

Next time you're cut off by an SUV jock who's slaloming across lanes while dialing a cell ...

Computers sort gender in a binary world

Technology Research News, Jan 30, 2002

In some respects, computers have helped mitigate the significance of gender in society...

Email burdened by management role

Technology Research News, Jan 2, 2002

By now, our computing lives were supposed to be anchored in personal information management ...

English could snowball on Net

Technology Research News, Nov 21, 2001

The Internet's ability to connect a wide range of cultures would seem to bode well for...

Manners matter for the circuit-minded

Technology Research News, Apr 25, 2001

In his dystopian futuristic comedy, "Sleeper", Woody Allen's twentieth-century time traveler...

Tech: Privacy

Scheme hides Web access

Technology Research News, October 2, 2002

The ringing declaration that information wants to be free often bounces off a hard reality -- the free flow …

Watermarks hide in plain text

Technology Research News, Jun 6, 2001

Writers are known as much for how they word things as for what they have to say...

Rating systems for privacy at risk

Technology Research News, Jul 25, 2001

The Internet has given us new ways of carrying out activities as diverse as shopping and...

Tech: Tools

IT scores a hit with baseball scouts

Globe and Mail, July 10, 2002

Software speeds modeling

Technology Research News, Sep 3, 2003

It often takes years to guide a building from conceptual sketch to completion...

VR tool keeps line of sight in hand

Technology Research News, Jan 9, 2002

One of the challenges of navigating computer-generated three-dimensional environments is...

Tools automate computer sharing

Technology Research News, Sep 12, 2001

How many economists does it take to inaccurately forecast a recession...

Cartoons loosen up computer interfaces

Technology Research News, Jul 18, 2001

Wile E. Coyote misdirects the elastic force of a giant slingshot; he plummets off a cliff...

Store globally, access locally

Technology Research News, Jan 31, 2001

Keeping track of information will likely become more difficult in the not-too-distant future...

Tech: Robots

Tiny treads move minuscule robot

Technology Research News, Feb 7, 2001

Mobility, or the problem of how to achieve it, presents robot designers with a large...

Exploratory robot hops and rolls

Technology Research News, Dec 13, 2000

Getting from point A to point B in the exploration of extraterrestrial terrain is fraught with...

Tech: Nanoscale

3-D geometry adds twists to microfabrication

Technology Research News, December 20, 2000

Constructing objects measured in microns or smaller could expand from a mostly two-dimensional pursuit...

Natural force drives molecular ratchet

Technology Research News, May 16, 2001

Before microscopic motors can be put to work hauling tiny payloads and building ...

Glass mix sharpens holograms

Technology Research News, Apr 11, 2001

The concept of storing information as holograms has been around for decades, but the lack of...


Book edit

Venkatasubramanian, Venkat. How Much Inequality Is Fair?: Mathematical Principles of a Moral, Optimal, and Stable Capitalist Society, New York: Columbia University Press, 2017.