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Upcoming Worship Opportunities

Everyone is invited to worship with the Tedrow Mennonite Church Family!

Sunday worship:  9:30 a.m. 
Discipleship Classes:  10:45 a.m.

Come and see how God is active and alive!

Pride | Humility
Envy | Kindness
Anger | Forgiveness
Sloth | Diligence
Greed | Generosity
Gluttony | Contentment
Lust | Holiness

There is a word in the English vocabulary that we would rather not hear about in Church...can you guess what it is?  The three-letter word --- SIN.  It's a small word that has eternal consequences and therefore it is important that we remind ourselves that sin is a big problem...for all of us!

Problem of Sin =  turning away from God and making gods of creation and ourselves.  

                                                                        ---- Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective (1995), Article 7 "Sin," p. 31

In our summer worship services, we'll be taking a look at what are known as the 7 Deadly Sins and their 7 Lively Alternatives.  

You are invited to come and be encouraged from the Word of God to live lives holy and pleasing to the LORD!

To hear sermons in this series follow this link:    7 Deadly Sins and...Lively Alternatives

Questions?  Contact the Tedrow Mennonite Church Office:  419-337-2901 or Pastor Doug