The building housing the Ted Lewis Museum was built around 1848 by David McHenry, a watchmaker and jeweler.  Standing on original Lot 28, revised Lot 304, the building is celebrated for being one of the last on the "original circle."  Its position on Circle Alley caused the lot to turn to the southeast in its original design.  The southwest quarter of the circle was squared, but the rear addition still conforms to the tapering lot.

Early owners of the property included Daniel Dresbach, William W. Bierce,
David McHenry, and Samuel Marfield, who operated the Marfield Bank to the immediate west of the museum. The building was remodeled in 1877 and its Italianate and Oriental influence in architecture emphasized.

Located in the heart of the Circleville Commercial District and within the Downtown Historic District, the building has had many commercial uses.  Businesses occupying the building include Miss M. Wissler Millinery, Lide J. Rowe Milliner, Elias Bock Shoes, Circleville Daily Herald, Darst Print Shop, Circleville Herald, Railway Express Agency, Flo's Novelty Shop, Hatfield Real Estate, Chamber of Commerce, Pickaway County Historical Society, and the Ted Lewis Museum.  The Museum, dedicated in 1977, remains the tenant of the building.