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This is a "hobby" website with focus on selected slices of nature/wildlife. I appreciate now more than ever the resources and dedication of many individuals who commented on, debated, and identified the species captured in my photos.

After building several websites for all my images, it just became too time consuming to maintain, support and secure home based systems. So currently, most of my images are posted to websites listed below.

BugGuide.Net - Identification of insects, spiders, etc.
Tree of Life web project - All of Nature: Birds, Bugs, Plants, Mammals, Mollusks, Reptiles, Amphibians...

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Twitter - The World...

: Accuracy of content including identification of species is not guaranteed.

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Most of my photos of plants, birds, bugs, and other critters come from my backyard habitat which surrounds my house and shed.  This project started out with 2 small Silver Maples planted in the backyard. The area was later transformed into a backyard habitat and has been expanding ever since.

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