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Computer Systems: Gateways To Cyberspace

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What is technifiction? 

All technologists need to read technical literature.  Not just a little bit of technical literature, but whopping huge quantities of it!  When I was young, I loved reading science fiction stories for hours on end, but I found it difficult to read technical literature for any length of time.  I often wished that somehow technical literature could be written so that it read more like a science fiction story.

Technifiction presents technical subjects in the form of a story because I have found that the mind actually likes learning technical information when it is in the form of a story.  People who have read my Technifiction books tell me they are pleasantly surprised with how much easier technifiction is to read than "dry, boring technical literature".

Easier to read, however, does not mean that the technical content is light.  The technical content in Technifiction books is similar in depth to the technical content that is in standard technical literature on the same subjects.  Technifiction books are usually longer, however, because of the story related dialog they contain and because each concept is carefully explained so that it can be fully understood.

Who Is Technifiction For?

If you are a newbie technologist, or someone who may be interested in technology but does not know where to start learning about it, Technifiction was created especially for you!  

The more technical knowledge you have, the easier it becomes to learn new technical subjects.  Technifiction books will provide you will a core of technical knowledge that will make reading standard technical literature easier and eventually the day will come when reading standard technical literature is no longer a chore and it will then become as exciting as any other literature.

If you are already an experienced technologist, you may find that some Technifiction books cover subjects that you have not studied before and reading a Technifiction book on a given subject might provide you with an enjoyable place to begin.  You may also choose to read a Technifiction book in order to help one or more newbie technologists with the materials it contains.

 How Are The Books On This Site Organized?

This site contains both Technifiction and non-Technifiction books that have been carefully designed to produce an interrelated body of information.  All of the books have been broken into subcomponents called paths so that different routes could be taken through the materials.  The current map for existing and future paths can be found here.

Computer Systems: Gateways To Cyberspace