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This is really a two-hour presentation I give to high school students, cut down to three minutes. 
学生にした2時間のプレゼンをここでは 3分間で話します!

And it all started one day on a plane,

on my way to TED, seven years ago.

And in the seat next to me was a high school student,a teenager, 
隣は 高校生、 10代だったかな 

and she came from a really poor family.
彼女は貧乏な家の生まれで 「

And she wanted to make something of her life,

and she asked me a simple little question.
そして 素朴な質問をしました。

She said, "What leads to success?"

And I felt really badly, because I couldn't give her a good answer.
でも 僕は答えられず 申し訳なくなりました。 

So I get off the plane, and I come to TED.And I think,
 その直後にTEDに来て ひらめいたのです! 

jeez I'm in the middle of a room of successful people!
見渡す限り 成功者ばかりじゃないか!

So why don't I ask them what helped them succeed,

and pass it on to kids?

So here we are, seven years, 500 interviews later,
そして7年間で500人にインタビューをした今 お答えします!

and I'm gonna tell you what really leads to success and makes TED-sters tick.
成功の秘密は何か? 何がTEDメンバーを突き動かすのか? 

And the first thing is passion.
1つ目は 熱意 

Freeman Thomas says, "I'm driven by my passion."

TED-sters do it for love; they don't do it for money.
TEDメンバーは好きだからやっている。 お金が目的ではない。 

Carol Coletta says, "I would pay someone to do what I do."
キャロル・コレット「人を雇ってでも 今やっている事をやりたい」 

And the interesting thing is: if you do it for love,the money comes anyway.
さらに面白いのは 熱意に従えば お金は後からついてくる。

Work! Rupert Murdoch said to me,
働く! ルパート・マードック

"It's all hard work. Nothing comes easily. But I have a lot of fun."
「全力でやろう。 簡単な事など無いが やっていてとても楽しい」

Did he say fun? Rupert? Yes!

TED-sters do have fun working. And they work hard.
TEDメンバーは 楽しみながらよく働く。

I figured, they're not workaholics. They're workafrolics. 
彼らは仕事中毒ではなく 仕事オタクです。

Good! Alex Garden says,

"To be successful put your nose down in something and get damn good at it."
「成功するために 特技を 持とう」 

There's no magic; it's practice, practice, practice.
近道はない。 単に 練習!練習!練習! 一点集中。

And it's focus. Norman Jewison said to me,

"I think it all has to do with focusing yourself on one thing."
「すべき事は 1つの事に集中することだ」 

And push! David Gallo says, 
押す! デイビット・ガロ

"Push yourself. Physically, mentally, you've gotta push, push, push."
「自分を後押ししよう。 物理的にも 精神的にも 押す!押す!押す!」

You gotta push through shyness and self-doubt.
恥や自信の無さは 押し出そう!

Goldie Hawn says,

"I always had self-doubts.
  「自信が無かった頃 私はこう言っていました」 

I wasn't good enough; I wasn't smart enough. I didn't think I'd make it." 
『不器用だし 頭も悪いから きっと成功なんてしないわ』 

Now it's not always easy to push yourself,

and that's why they invented mothers. (Laughter)
人々は母親を発明しました。( 笑い声)

Frank Gehry -- Frank Gehry said to me,

"My mother pushed me." Serve! Sherwin Nuland says,
「うちの母親がやらせた」 役に立とう!  シャーウィン・ヌーランド

"It was a privilege to serve as a doctor."

Now a lot of kids tell me they want to be millionaires.

And the first thing I say to them is: "OK,
そこでまず 答えるのは

well you can't serve yourself; you gotta serve others something of value.
「自分の役に立つというのは無理だから 他人の役に立つ何かを与えましょう。

Because that's the way people really get rich."
 それが唯一 大金持ちになれる方法です」

Ideas! TED-ster Bill Gates says,
アイデア!  TEDメンバーのビル・ゲイツ曰く

"I had an idea: founding the first micro-computer software company."

I'd say it was a pretty good idea.

And there's no magic to creativity in coming up with ideas

-- it's just doing some very simple things.

And I give lots of evidence. Persist! Joe Kraus says,
それらはこのような事です。  貫徹する! ジョー・クラウス 曰く

"Persistence is the number one reason for our success."

You gotta persist through failure.

You gotta persist through crap! Which of course means "Criticism, Rejection, Assholes and Pressure." (Laughter)
「向かい風」の中でも貫徹する!  「向かい風」とは 批判 無視 馬鹿 プレッシャー!  (笑い声)

So, the big -- the answer to this question is simple: Pay 4,000 bucks and come to TED.
 もっともな答えは シンプル! 4000ドル払ってTEDに来よう! 

Or failing that, do the eight things -- and trust me,
それが無理だとしたら これら8つを続けよう! 

these are the big eight things that lead to success.

Thank you TED-sters for all your interviews!
インタビューを受けてくれたTEDメンバー 有難う!


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