Selected Chronology

An overview of Ted Greene's professional chronology:

1963 or 1964: Begins teaching at Ernie Ball Music           
-later named Dale’s Ernie Ball Music

ca. 1968: The American Metaphysical Circus recorded
-Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies, CBS Masterworks

1971: Chord Chemistry published
-Dale Zdenek Publications

1970’s: Begins private teaching practice (probably early 1970's)
-taught out of his family home

1977: Solo Guitar released
-PMP Records

1977: Special Recording Session recorded

1978: Short-term studies with George Van Eps
-ca. eight weeks

1978: Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing Volumes 1 and 2 published
-Dale Zdenek Publications

1980: A Session with the Stars instructional video released

1981: Modern Chord Progressions Volume 1 published
-Dale Zdenek Publications

1981: George Van Eps interview/article published in Guitar Player

1982 or 1983: Arrangement of “Theme from E.T.” published

1994: Performance/recording with John Pisano

1998: “Greene on Montgomery” article in Guitar Player
-article truncated by the publication

2002: Art City: Simplicity
-Solo Guitar Improvisation 2001 used in score
-Director Chris Mayback was a student of Ted's

2004: Guitar One “Lesson Lab” subject

2005: Richard Tuttle: Never Not an Artist
-score, material likely reused from Art City
-Also directed by Chris Maybach