About the Site

This site contains some of the basic information from and related to guitarist/composer Terrence McManus's thesis about guitarist Ted Greene.

One of the most important yet relatively unknown guitarists, Ted Greene (1946–2005) occupied a unique space as both guitarist and educator, revered by a large number of guitarists from many styles of music. What becomes evident from listening to him is that his guitar playing is unmatched in its use of voice leading, amounting to an almost flawless sense of harmonic progression. Even though his commercially available recording catalog is limited, the existence of Internet materials, mostly videos, give us a clearer picture of what he could do musically, which is not as present on his recordings.

He is most well-known for the four books on guitar playing, the most well-known probably being Chord Chemistry. However even these great books do not give the full picture about Greene’s musicality. A much fuller picture can be constructed from the more informal things like lesson videos and interviews, which also hint at the possibility that perhaps Greene was at his best in low-pressure, informal situations.