Ted Goldman · Aural Skills 2 · TH 162 · Eastman School of Music


Final Exam • ESM 120 • Tue Apr 28

• Notate Voice and Bass Line
• SDs and Pitches in F major
• Your choice of appropriate meter
1 hearing on the exam

THD - Due Tue Mar 24
  • 0:00 - 0:20
  • Notation in G major, voice and bassline
  • Notate voice in ALTO clef
  • No SDs necessary

*** Midterm in ESM 120, Tue Mar 3 ***

Midterm THD instructions below
  • You will be EMAILED links to two audio clips
  • Solo piano excerpt: 0:00-1:05
  • Other excerpt: 0:55-1:23
  • Midterm dictations will be completed on Blank dictation paper
  • You will be asked to write notation AND proto-notation (write SDs in correct contour over the appropriate beat position).  
  • You will be given a key to notate in at the exam.  
  • You will have 1 hearing and 10 minutes to notate.  

Rockabye Baby: extension: Due Thu Feb 5
  • To 0:35
  • Piano melody AND complete arpeggios, graded separately
  • F major notation, SDs, and meter-underlines
  • If you think an arpeggio has a "wrong note" harmonically, circle it!

Tetris Due Tue Jan 27
  • melody through 0:43
  • Roman Numerals (graded separately)

SherlockDue Thu Jan 22
  • 3:30-3:45 melody SDs and rhythm
  • notate in any key (teacher's choice)

Brahms Wiegenlied + flying cats and unicorns, Due Tue Jan 20
  • voice to 0:50
  • listen/practice dictating as much as you want at home 
  • you'll hear once in class for reference, and then
  • in class, write using both SDs and standard music notation
  • The key we ask you to notate in might be different from the key of the performance

Chuck: Due Thu Jan 15
  • 0:05-0:10
  • Bass scale degrees with contour, rhythm (upper 8ve of the bass is sufficient)
  • Percussion rhythm
  • Be precise with the rhythm
Practice Dictations 
(The "Blue Site")


Performance Exam Apr30/May1
Times Posted on Annex 7th Floor

  • recognize and label (see handout)
  • improvise: sing scale degrees (see handout)
  • play bass, sing your improvised line as the treble
  • recognize
  • vocally improvise on a neutral syllable, given the "a" idea

Below: tasks included from fall semester

Sight singing Mozart Canons
  • How will you sing the leaps? (Usually ignore them and sing the material either side.)
  • Where can you reset back to 1, if you get lost? 
  • Your vocal range: Is there any place where you'll need to switch registers? 

Prepared singing from repertoire
  • SDs
  • Letter Names

Dictation: From audio*, write rhythms, shape, and SDs on "1e+a" blanks. 
  • *short, new material (1 hearing)
  • *longer, familiar material (1 hearing)
  • *melodies or basslines
  • Translate SDs into notation or singing in any key. 

  • Choose which staff paper to use for dictation by ear, without being told the meter.  
  • Sing meter, articulating every new attack (e.g. 1e+a ___a 3e_a)
Prove it. Given any M/m/D7 chord, prove you can hear
  1. Qualities (sing 3rd, say quality)
  2. Root/not-root (sing from bass to root)
  3. nth degree (sing top, say chord degree)
  4. In high, low, and widely-spaced registers
Sing and Play (on Piano)
  • Play one line of a Bach chorale (or equivalent) and sing another.