Saturday, July 10, 2021:

The only reason you would be here now is from the wayback machine, if at all.  I built a new box, built on Linux this time.  I like it much.


Sunday, September 25, 2016:

Well, I am in the midst of moving and funny thing my server decided it wanted to quit this morning as well.  So, my guides, files and webcam pages are going to be down for the unforeseeable future.

As of Saturday morning, August 21, 2010:
Sorry to say, but after all these years something on my server has gone bad, so I am re-directing all hits here for now. All the files in my various shared folders are not lost, as there are several hard drives on that computer, but I have other plans for the next few days, so the soonest I will be able to start getting these repositories and my webcam back up is Thursday, August 26, 2010.  It will probably take a few days after that as well.  It might be easy, but it acts like the seven + year old motherboard took a crap.
Update August 30, 2010:
My server motherboard was in fact, FUBAR.  It was a dual PIII running 1.4's and 4gig of PC133 ram and six IDE HDD's.  Kind of old school by today's standards, but pretty damn stable compared to some of the newer stuff I've used.  Well I dug through all my spare motherboards and found the only one that might hold up, a P4 asus made for HP MB, but after putting a CPU, some ram, and installing it into my server box, I found it required a 20pin power supply, and mine is ONLY 24pin (i.e. not one of those you can slide the last 4 pins off of).  I briefly toyed with the idea of changing out the power supply, but this is a huge PS that runs all 6 IDE HDD's, the two optical drives (occasionally), the MB and 2-4 case fans (I lost count).  So, I've got another dually PIII mb on the way made by Intel. Wish me luck.  If all goes well, the REAL ted.servepics.com and everything that has been associated with it should be back online in a week.
Update September 4, 2010
Slowly but surely (as if anyone really cares/reads this) I am getting there.  I was so close tonite I almost had it done, but then one of my processors got dropped.  For more details, my previous MB was a SuperMicro P3TDEE.  I have received my replacement, an Intel STL2 G7ESZ.  About the only thing (physically) different is that I think it's a tiny bit older and only has one IDE bus as opposed to the two on the Super.  So, I ditched the optical drives.  However, with all the errors I have had (BSOD 0x0000007B, etc.) trying to get it booted I now have learned that the VIA IDE drivers that are loaded on my drive (VIA is the chipset of the Super) are not the same as the Intel IDE drivers.  So, long story short, I started to find a way to get it to work, I had to ditch one HD and one optical drive.  Then I had to play with jumpers and shit to get both drives seen in BIOS.  And just when I thought things were going good for me and I could use my WinXPproSP2 disk to do a 'repair' of my install, I got an error that the MB was dropping one of my processors.  So since my WinXP install was based on a dually system/mb, I fugured I'll have to leave it rest for tonite as once upon a time I really slowed down one of my laptops by turning off the 'hyper threading' on the P4 and then turning it back on.  Worse case scenario, I can and will do a clean install, I have the hardware/software and knowledge/backups (thanks to a 3.5" HDD external usb enclosure).  Or even worse/better yet, I'll get a socket 478 MB with a 24pin power slot and go from there.  Windy tonite . . . . .
September 8, 2010:
Well if all goes well, I will have another working P3TDDE MB installed by tomorrow night.
September 10, 2010:
Well this is it.  Had to do a clean install of Windows XP as it just wouldn't find the drivers for my Promise Ultra133TX2 IDE card properly without locking up.  So, it's all downhill now.  The files/folders and maybe even the webcam will be back up tonite.  Just gotta hope that I was able to backup the database and stuff to get the rest of the content back up and running.
September 11, 2010:
Well, maybe not.  This MOTHERFUCKINGCOCKSUCKINGPEICEOFSHIT!!!  The 'latest' logitech webcam drivers sent the fucker into a tailspin, at this rate I'm gonna have to start over!!  My BP is clocking 170/120 and going strong.  So long story short, I doubt my files/folders will tgo back public tonite.  On the good side, all the files are still intact.