Request an account

TeCoLa Welcome desk
To visit the TeCoLa Virtual World you need an account. All accounts need to be approved, we only allow teachers and pupils in this world that are connected to the project. We want to keep this virtual world a safe place.
Note: If you were part of the TILA project, you can use your TILA OpenSim account to enter the TeCoLa Virtual World.
After the request, the VW manager has to approve the account. Unknown names will not be approved. This may take up to one day. You should also send an email to our VW manager
If you need more accounts, for a group of pupils, please contact 

Use this link to recieve an email to enter a new password for your avatar. Fill in the field with your emailaddress and press the SET button. It should respond with: Check your email. You must reset your password within 60 minutes