Campus rules

Use of the Virtual World should be appropriate for a virtual campus. No violence, no weapons
Please remember that this Virtual World is for education of young children and students. Buildings, structures, objects and any conversation should be appropriate within that context.

Do not disturb classes, events or your neigbours
Disrupting scheduled events, repeated spamming or undesired advertising, playing sounds over and over, or otherwise disturbing classes and events in session will be considered a form of "griefing".

Place items only where it is appropriate (on places where you are allowed to build)
Unless you have been assigned an office, classroom, residence, or other designated space for your use, building and rezzing (placing) items elsewhere on the virtual campus is prohibited except for temporary use (i.e. rezzing a vehicle or opening a box). All items that you rez outside of your designated space or the sandbox should be picked up before you leave the virtual campus.

No griefing, harassment, or deliberately crashing the simulator
Griefing is the act of causing "grief" to other members of an online community, or intentionally disrupting their enjoyment of the environment. Harassment is any physical, virtual, or verbal abuse of a person because of her race, religion, age, gender, disability or any other legally protected status. 
Campus rules
Examples may include behaviors such as using the "push" function, to shoot, trap, eject, or otherwise assault another user's avatar without their consent, or creating self-replicating objects that degrade performance of the virtual campus, etc. Failure to abide by this policy may result in your avatar being banned from this grid and, if you are employee or student of a school, may result in disciplinairy actions being taken if your behavior is found to be in breach of the policies cited above.