TeCoLa Virtual World

Our TeCoLa Virtual World is created in the Open Source sofware 'OpenSimulator', or short 'OpenSim'. In this virtual world you can find several small islands, each focusing on one or more aspects of language education.

In order to work with the TeCoLa Virtual World you need to request an account and install the viewer.
  1. Request an account
  2. Installing the viewer
  3. Technical support
  4. Campus rules
  5. Information for parents
The islands on the TeCoLa Virtual World are:
  • Welcome - The island where all users start. Here they can find information on how to go to other islands, how to set the voice system. There are shops with clothing and educational tools, a sandbox to build and some games to play.
  • Arcadia - This island offers users to learn the basic steps on working and navigating in a virtual world.  Also some games can be played to practice better navigation. Have a look at the video about this island. 

Arcadia - the orientation island

  • Chatterdale - The English language village
  • Parolay - The French language village
  • Saarburg - The German language village
  • Valencia - The Spanish language village
  • 3D-LAB - On this island users can learn how to build and script objects, also new tools and games will be built and displayed here.
  • Quest 2030 - This island is built during the TILA project and is one big game where pupils have to telecollaborate through a modern building to fnd all the clues. This game will be improved and expanded during the TeCoLa project. See the 'game walkthrough' video about this game.

Quest 2030 game walkthrough