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eTwinning webinar, 22 Jan 2019

"Engaging foreign language students in intercultural virtual world activities"
22 January 2019, 17:00-18:30 (CET), online seminar

Professor Kurt Kohn, Tuebingen University (Germany)

TARGET GROUP: Teachers of foreign languages, Teachers involved in eTwinning projects


Drawing on outcomes from the Erasmus+ project TeCoLa (www.tecola.eu), the seminar addresses the pedagogical need and challenge to enable foreign language students in secondary schools to develop intercultural communicative competence in their target language. We will explore and discuss solutions that make use of small-group interactions in the TeCoLa Virtual WorldIntercultural communication is combined with a pedagogical lingua franca approach according to which students from different countries and cultures engage in authentic communicative interactions in their common foreign (target) language. Attention will be given to integrating TeCoLa Virtual World activities in existing eTwinning projects.