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23 June, 2015: AWS Public Sector Cloud Essentials ->>Downloads
Learn how to set your data into a cloud with AWS and prepare it to be Open, Analyzed, Distributed and Computed. 


8.30 - 9.00 Registration

9.00 - Welcome and presentation.

9.15 –AWS Introduction & Journey to the Cloud:  What is cloud computing, and why are companies and governments all around the world adopting it? This talk will give you an overview of cloud computing tenets, with real use cases. We’ll present how universities, central and local governments and nonprofit organization are successfully adopting cloud services to innovate and decrease their expenditure.

10.15 – Project presentations. Open session in which several invited groups from University and industry present their work on Big Data and Cloud Computing.

11.15 - Coffee break

11.30 –AWS Core Services Overview: This session will present AWS from a technical perspective, and will introduce you to the fundamental services that make up AWS. Learn how to run virtual machines in the AWS Cloud with Amazon EC2 instances, store and retrieve data from the highly durable Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), run relational and non-relational databases on AWS as well an overview of all of the other AWS Services

12.30 – 13.00 Conclusions and closing 

14.00 – Cocktail Lunch 

15.30- 18.30 Training session  --> details here

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6-7 March, 2015:  Hackathon Smartcities Global Urban Datafest

G-TeC has been the local host of this international event