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Trinity Collect

This is the Trinity Collect.  This collect was written by our prayer team in January and February of 2020.  Now that we have stepped into the next chapter in our history, we ask for God's help to make our mission and vision a reality.  This collect is prayed at the beginning of our congregation's intercessory prayers during our worship services.

God of Grace and God of Glory, pour your power on your people. We thank You for Your Spirit that renews and transforms us. Grant to the people of Trinity the courage to fulfill our mission to be a welcoming family of faith that shares God's love with all. Remind us that no jobs are too small and no dreams are too big. Empower us to BE THE CHURCH in our community by listening, praying and acting in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

A collect is a prayer that is addressed TO God, asks God to DO something, THROUGH either Jesus Christ or the Holy Trinity.  You can find more information on collects and writing them at the Canterbury NYC website.