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Trinity Collect

This is the Trinity Collect.  It was written by the Trinity Episcopal Church Recasting Team, shortly after we made the difficult decision to tear down the old sanctuary.  It expresses what we want to ask God for as we move into an unknown future.

Gracious God, you are present at all times and in all places and, because you are with us, you remind us not to be afraid.  We thank you for sending your Holy Spirit upon Trinity Parish.  Help us accept the gifts, wisdom, strength and courage you have given us to be witnesses for Christ in our lives and in our community.  As we continue our pilgrimage to recognize and live in your Kingdom, open our hearts to hear where the Spirit is leading.  Show us how you want us to be a witness for Christ in our community.  Help us make our life and work together a revelation of your love.  With grateful hearts we ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

A collect is a prayer that is addressed TO God, asks God to DO something, THROUGH either Jesus Christ or the Holy Trinity.  You can find more information on collects and writing them at the Canterbury NYC website.