Steve Young

Player Profile: Steve Young

Steve Young started his NFL career with a terrible Bucs team, and was viewed as an important building block for the team's future.  The promise, however, never panned out in Tampa, and Steve Young was traded to a Super Bowl contender.  There, he toiled on the bench behind a veteran, a legend at his position.  You know the story.

But we are not talking about this guy:

Nope - not him.  That's Jon Steven Young, arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history, and a proper model for an action figure.  But we're talking about a player whose likeness was probably never cast in plastic by an adoring fan.  We're talking about this guy

That's Steve Young, too. 

That is Steven Russell Young, an offensive tackle drafted by the Buccaneers in the third round of the 1976 NFL draft.  

He played in thirteen of the Bucs' fourteen losses that year, starting eleven at left tackle.  He even recovered two fumbles (though you'd have to think that there were plenty of opportunities to do that in the '76 Bucs'  backfield).  Things were looking good for Young, and he was even profiled in the official team highlight video following the season as one of the team's "important building blocks for the future."  Unfortunately, instead of actually watching that video, I had to read about it on  The video, like the career of Steven Russell Young, disappeared somewhere in central Florida.

Before the 1976 season, Young was traded across the Everglades to the Dolphins for cornerback Jeris White.  White would start in all the Bucs' games over the next three seasons, intercepting twelve passes and serving as a valuable member of the dominating defense of the 1979 team that went all the way to the NFC championship game

Steve Young, on the other hand, did not appear in a single game for the 1977 Miami Dolphins.  Like the other Steve Young, this Steve Young was traded to a team that already had a Pro Bowler at his position.  This Steve Young's Joe Montana was Wayne Moore, who was in the twilight of an excellent career at left tackle.  

Typing "Steve Young" into a Google search gives you a lot of results, but not much about Steven Russell Young.  Typing "Steven Russell Young", on the other hand, gives you this:

(Try to divert your attention from whatever he's doing to his dog:
Can you guess who Steve's favorite NFL team is?)

And, like the other Steve Young, he holds some notable records as well.

Well, okay.  He holds one.  But in that one record, he towers over the "other" Steve Young.

At 6'8", this Steve Young remains the tallest player ever to put on a Bucs uniform.  So he is literally a giant of Buccaneer history.