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You seem to have have connected from

I would try to amass some of the programming and computer science wisdom that I have gained in the past few years. The inclination would be more on systems programming and Unix. I would welcome your feedback on the content and the code samples.

I started my professional career around 7 years back. I started with the Windows world with MFC, VB, VC etc. I gradually shifted to the world of Unix, with more emphasis on C. I got influenced to C++ when I plunged into the Usenet community several years back. Of late I have been using Perl and I find it quite amusing too.

I have been writing lots of code, from some small code snippets to some production level software. I always wanted to archive and share the sample code snippets that I had been writing. You would also get to read my musings on various other software and programming practices. I am sure you would agree, and probably sometimes disagree too with what I have to say. I would appreciate your feedback in either case. You could also write to me if you want me to help, or write code for you.

Most of the code has been developed on FreeBSD 4.11 or RHEL. I have used gcc as the compiler in all the examples. I skip error checking in code at some places, but you should include them in production level software. 

The work on this website would never finish. I would keep adding articles every now and then. Enjoy programming!


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