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After growing up in the New York City area, I moved to Salt Lake City for a brief 6 month stint, which introduced me to the amazing and incomparable High Uintas and a winter of unbelievable downhill skiing in the best powder EVER. This was followed by a transformational move to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I lived for several years.  I had a canoe and would paddle Jackson Lake, catch Rainbow Trout and barbecue trout for dinner, after a nice day of work!  The tree in the front yard housed bald eagle, the back yard was a small mountain possessed by elk and moose and bear.  The view from the front porch, the long expanse of the Teton Mountain Range to the west, rolling north to Yellowstone and Montana, the Snake River (quite near a spot called Lunch Counter) at the bottom of the driveway, and the Wind Rivers off in the distance to the east. 

Chris LeDoux was right, nothing beats a hawk on the wing, catching a rainbow on your fishing line or Spring hitting the Great Divide!  Elk in the backyard, Bald Eagle in the tree in the front yard, Snake River at the end of the driveway it gets no better than this.  How did I land in AZ, dry, brown, scorched, where I can see for miles and love it?  If you really want that tale, ask me if you meet me.

I was a downhill skier so this was the perfect place to live, long cold winters and snow many, many feet deep.  And living there, I got to ski when the tourists weren't around! 

Lessons Learned in the Mountain West of Wyoming: 
  • While a canoe IS the right watercraft for a lake,  a canoe is NOT the right watercraft for the Snake River.  
  • Don't use snowshoes while hunting for bear.
  • Shovel snow into the pickup truck bed, so you don't slide on the half foot of packed snow/ice on the roads; invest in an engine block heater; invest in heat tape for home water pipes
  • Cardboard boxes make THE best sleds on Teton Pass.
  • Whenever possible, always heat by wood-stove.
  • Enjoy collecting the winters wood, it is one of the joys of life.
  • Always invite friends over to soften the long, cold, dark, winter.
  • When snowmobiling in Grand Teton Park, DON'T get stuck in the sink holes. In the sinkholes no-one can hear you or see you or find you, and it's hard to walk out in 6+ feet of snow
  • Moose ARE dangerous.
  • Enjoy every moment, every view, every experience - they are fleeting
Building, Living and raising children in my own Straw Bale, Solar-Powered home:

Raising my children off the grid, in some truly wide open spaces.  Horses, quads, dirt bikes, mountains, really, dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, emu, scorpions, tarantulas, rattlesnakes and the occasional ...person!  Mom:  Chief bottle washer and rattlesnake hunter!