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Unless otherwise noted, all of the items listed are free. Some may require a free subscription.

Planning & teaching

Saving and organizing

  • Saving your links: Diigo - 
    Social bookmarking - search other people's links by topic as well as your own. Add links easily with the Diigolet browser button or the Delicious browser button. This also has an app.
  • Displaying linked information - digital curation
    This is a quick and visually-rich way to create a compilation of web sources on a given topic. It's easy to add, but not very easy to organize the links on your page.

Controlled material

  • Breaking News English: 
    Readings and related (downloadable) audio based on news articles, at a range of skill levels, with extensive lesson plans and teacher ideas as well as online activities; searchable. This is a great teacher resource, especially if you download the Lesson Plan guide
  • VOA Learning English:
    The news, read more slowly than normal

Authentic material

  • Sources of academic texts
    These are on a variety of subjects. Some of the journals are more praise-worthy than others, but they are full-text and free.
  • Literature:  Project Gutenberg (over 60,000 free books):
    These are works that are no longer restricted by copyright, generally because the author has been dead for at least 75 years. You might find something more recent donated by a generous author, but not likely. Gutenberg also has a growing collection of audio books. 

Online teacher tools

Quizzing and polling (mobile device or computer use)

  • Kahoot! -
    Designed for social learning; create surveys or multiple-choice or reordering quizzes that are taken by groups (or individuals). Results can be shown in real time. There is a time limit
  • Socrative -
    Create T/F, multiple-choice, or short answer quizzes that students can take individually, or competitively with Space Race. Space Race will display group answers in real time. See a tutorial at
  • Quizlet -
    Create flashcard-style quizzes. Quizzes can be taken on a computer or mobile device. Individuals can use Quizlet decks to study or groups can compete with Quizlet Live.  See a tutorial at
  • PollEverywhere -
    Create quick polls (thumbs up/thumbs down, multiple choice, rank ordering, word cloud, click on an image). Respondents can be anonymous or sign in; results for the group are displayed in real time. Good choice for workshops or formative assessment. A variety of video tutorials are at

Authoring and materials creation

  • PowerPoint template for Jeopardy and other games:
    They seem to keep this site updated, which is much appreciated. Nice choices of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Price is Right, Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and Cash Cab templates from different authors.
  • LessonWriter:
    Vocabulary, grammar, pre-reading, post-reading from a text (1500 words maximum). The free version lets you create standalone lessons. Subscriptions allow for class access to files and other kinds of sharing. This site has been giving me problems, but see if it works for you.
  • Hot Potatoes authoring program: free download at
    Create exercises to accompany readings; can be timed; use the exercises you create either online or offline
    See more information: Getting Started with Hot Potatoes PDF
  • Textivate- text reconstruction activity -add your own text. Nice tool, but now editing is available only by subscription: GBP 25/year for a basic subscription. 
Materials creation by teachers or students

Suggestions for using mobile apps

Assessment: Rubrics

Teacher feedback and file sharing

Motivation to learn: Authentic audience

  • Projects to join
    • iEARN:
      This is a global organization that has projects to join (work with students from many different countries) or helps teachers find partner classes. There are country-specific iEARN groups all over the world, as well.
    • TakingITGlobal:
      Topics of interest to young adults in particular; projects and cultural forums
  • Project-based learning - WebQuests
  • Social media
  • Student Forums at Dave’s ESL Café
    Wide range of topics, with monitors that try to keep discussions appropriate

Class discussion

 Resource List

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