Getting started

Deborah Healey, University of Oregon (dhealey AT uoregon DOT edu)

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Unless otherwise noted, all of the items listed are free. Some may require a free subscription.

Planning & teaching

Saving and organizing

Controlled material

  • Breaking News English: 
    Readings and related (downloadable) audio based on news articles, at a range of skill levels, with extensive lesson plans and teacher ideas as well as online activities; searchable
  • BBC Culture Lab:
    Somewhat simplified, short readings on cultural topics
  • VOA Special English:
    The news, read more slowly than normal

Authentic material

Online teacher tools

Authoring and materials creation

  • LessonWriter:
    Vocabulary, grammar, pre-reading, post-reading from a text (800 words maximum). The free version lets you create standalone lessons. Subscriptions allow for class access to files and other kinds of sharing.
  • Hot Potatoes authoring program: free download at
    Create exercises to accompany readings; can be timed; use the exercises you create either online or offline
    See more information: Getting Started with Hot Potatoes PDF
  • Textivate- text reconstruction activity -add your own text. Nice tool, but now editing is available only by subscription: GBP10/year. 
Materials creation by teachers or students

Suggestions for using mobile apps

Assessment: Rubrics

Teacher feedback and file sharing

Motivation to learn: Authentic audience

Class discussion

 Resource List

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